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Marketing EQ represents balance and fairness in marketing

The name Marketing EQ was crafted from the term Market Equilibrium which means the supply of an item is in equal proportion to demand so there is never surplus or waste. Working with small businesses, the biggest complaint was wasted ad dollars and a poor return. Our goal and mission is to help our customers of every size achieve the greatest balance for marketing investment to generate the highest sales. We hope this is music to your ears.

Speaking of music, Marketing EQ processes can fine tune your marketing program like a well produced orchestra. Once we find the mix, we strive for marketing nirvana through Emotional Quotient (EQ), the offset and balance to IQ. While we can’t please all of the people all of the time, our messaging and methods always seek to delight the senses and never annoy.

Find out how Marketing Equilibrium can work for you!

By the numbers

Design & Creativity
Marketing strategies


Social media managed
Page content & copy written
Videos created & directed
Public relations clients
Clients consulted
Bios written

Our core team

Julie Gorham
Julie GorhamChief marketing architect
Julie is a smart marketer who develops foundations for sales growth and builds bridges to connect clients to their customers. Her customers appreciate her deep experience and ability to prioritize information and creatively translate it to a customer experience, content and visuals that resonate with any customers audiences.
Kimberly Genly
Kimberly GenlyDirector of digital services
Kimberly Genly is an expert web developer and project manager responsible for managing digital teams. Her understanding of design and invitational style in communication wins the hearts of audiences and clients alike. Her keen understanding of human behavior and development within complex technical systems results in intuitive websites, web applications and smart digital plans
Kristin Kodenski
Kristin KodenskiGraphic designer
Kristen is a expert graphic designer with extensive print and digital experience. She blends an artistic eye with a strategic sensibility. Human or Machine is often a question at the rate she pounds out ideas.
Travis Buck
Travis BuckAmbassador of PHP & social media
Travis Buck is a website program manager and developer. He is our trusted adviser, problem solver, and time crunch manager. He thinks outside the box and travels miles within code, or resources deep, to find answers to unique problems.
Abigail Spyker
Abigail SpykerWeb design & multimedia
Abigail (Abby) Spyker is a smart website and search engine optimization planner. She selects the most attractive, user-friendly tools for strong visual appeal. Her knowledge of functionality applications (plug-ins) will ensure you properly engage your customers.