About Julie Gorham

Julie is a marketing architect who develops foundations for sales growth and builds bridges to connect clients to their customers. Her customers appreciate her deep experience and ability to prioritize information and creatively translate it to a customer experience, content and visuals that resonate with any customers audiences.

Sweet cherries and sweet design


Recently, we were working on producing a document that was packed full of juicy facts about Washington state cherry production. Unbeknownst to us, cherry farmers have been crushing it this decade, delivering nearly 60% of the US sweet cherries to all households. What's more, sales topped over $408M in revenue for Washington in 2015.

What color is your brand?


Color has the power to influence, attract your customers and leave an indelible impression. Strategically using color across all of the pieces associated with your brand can increase the impact of every ad or brochure you put into the world, and increase how memorable your brand is to both current and potential customers.

Partner with us to create a sustainable planet


Our mission is to provide education and resources so you can become a green champion. We will share the secrets to sustainable success from local businesses and organizations in our own backyard. We invite you to join us and share your stories of success too. Your company may be in our next post!

Giant steps become smaller footprints


Every year much of the energy consumed by the US is wasted through transmission, heat loss and inefficient technology -- costing American businesses money and leading to increased carbon pollution. Here's five easy ways to make your office part of the solution.