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Creative & Design Services

Introducing the Mosaic Digital Hub

Our premiere technology service harnesses the power of big data and puts it to work for your business. Let us help you turn the data you already have about your customers into strategic, automated marketing programs that increases sales and reduces unnecessary costs.

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As your full-service advertising agency, your company will reap big benefits working with us. Here’s the short list:

  • Design and content consistency across all channels
  • Efficient marketing implementation
  • Full transparency for all activities
  • Impeccable asset management
  • Improved customer engagement and acquisition
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Reporting with insights that matter
  • Tiered pricing for best value
  • Top technology tools for development and management

Quality assurance means there’s no stone unturned for projects large and small. Professional processes and subject matter experts are the nexus between our vast array of services. As your marketing partner, there’s no problem too small, project too big, questions we don’t have time for and solutions we can’t innovate or improve. Let’s talk about your goals!

Our top services

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

We go beyond simple designs, delving into robust strategy and customer analysis, so that we can build websites to achieve your business goals.

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Newsletters, blog articles, social media management and more – done for you, so you can focus on your core work and still enjoy the benefits of consistent marketing efforts.

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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Once we get a visitor to your site, we’re standing by to answer their questions and remove the obstacles to their becoming your customer or client.

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Wordpress Security

Serious WordPress Security

Don’t be a victim of massive repair bills and public relations nightmares — keep hackers from breaking in and stealing your data and destroying your website with these mighty hosting, maintenance and security packages.

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Traditional & Digital Advertising


Marketing EQ strikes a balance between new and traditional media to deliver the customized advertising schedule that you expect, streamlining your advertising experience. We work with local media and national rep firms to quickly plan and manage plans of every size.

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Creative & Design Services

Creative & Design Services

Whether you need a simple ad or complex company catalogs and digital designs, Marketing EQ graphic designers are experts and deliver 100% customers satisfaction. We use a data based and creative approach to project planning

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