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Audiences are everywhere!

Most companies rely on online and offline advertising in their media mix. Marketing EQ strikes a balance between new and traditional media. A free evaluation of your current plan will determine if there is excess and waste. Our advertising schedules are designed to perform; add new creative and see your campaign transform!  Local media and national rep firms support our efforts to deliver plans of every size.

New Media

Simplify your digital presence. New business intelligence gives us the power to stitch your customer audiences together in one location with blazing speed and deliver the insights you need to make informed advertising decisions. These tools are reducing massive advertising spend, improving customer insights and delivering a quickly realized return on investment.

If you’re a large organization throwing a small fortune on database management to collect data from multiple sources, there’s a much better way. Small businesses equally benefit too and can now tread where only giants once played. Marketing EQ offers two decades of media planning experience and has partnered with top software experts. Build the right foundation to grow and manage your entire digital marketing stack. It’s cost efficient and affordable for everyone! Learn more and let’s chat.

One local local furniture company asked for consulting as past advertising performance was poor and there was little confidence in doing any sort of ads. We applied marketing science with creative planning and developed a sensible plan. The client said “Now I see like you see!” They have been successfully managing their advertising for quite some time now.  – Julie Gorham, Owner, Marketing EQ

Traditional Media

Whether you are looking for TV, radio, print, direct mail, out of home or non-traditional media, we’re the right choice to effectively plan, negotiate, manage and traffic your schedules. Prevent lost opportunities through analysis to expose any gaps in efficiency, delivery and creative. Continuous improvement is a necessity, not a luxury. We utilize a formal planning process with industry standard marketing metrics and research.

Through close marketing analysis for one local dentist, Marketing EQ discovered $25,000 of money that extended beyond the customer’s effective service area resulting in marketing waste. We retooled the budget and reallocated the remaining $50,000; the result was a 300% increase in effective reach to primary customer targets and improved frequency to reinforce messaging.  We help small businesses that commonly buy into mass ad programs that sound good but are rarely in full alignment with the industry or company metrics.  – Julie Gorham, Owner, Marketing EQ

Feeling confused about where to spend your dollars? Don’t worry, we’ve got this!

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