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What is SEO?


SEO is a huge, complex subject, with ever-changing advanced concepts and long-standings basics. Almost everyone knows that it is highly important, but what is it really?

What is SEO?2017-12-22T07:02:00-08:00

What is branding, anyway?


In general, "branding" is everything that you do to establish an image of your company in your customers' minds (and hearts!) This can include your logo, your company's written "voice," and even details like how you train your service staff to interact with customers.

What is branding, anyway?2019-04-10T13:19:31-08:00

The myth of “the fold”


There's one web mistake I see made more than any other by business and website owners: Getting caught up in the myth of the fold. Here's what you need to know about the digital fold and modern scrolling behaviors.

The myth of “the fold”2019-04-10T12:33:03-08:00

How to share passwords in three simple steps


Sometimes, you need to give someone else a password to an online account of yours, and you might not have access to a sophisticated encrypted password sharing solution to do it. We'll examine how to share logins safely even if you're a lay person.

How to share passwords in three simple steps2019-04-10T12:39:03-08:00

Hosting horrors


The horror story I’ve decided to talk about this October is something much more insidious, much more common, something there’s a very good chance is lurking around your own business: cheap website hosting.

Hosting horrors2017-10-10T16:46:46-08:00

Are you ready for the HTTPS revolution?


October is upon us, and so are Google's sweeping new changes in how Google ranks your business website! But why, and what do you have to do to avoid penalties to your business?

Are you ready for the HTTPS revolution?2019-04-10T12:41:18-08:00

The benefits of SEO


You want your most motivated buyers to find you at the moment that they’re ready to buy. SEO is the tool to make those instant connections.

The benefits of SEO2017-12-18T19:55:33-08:00

SEO and SEM. What is the difference?


You may have heard that to stand out to potential customers, you need to optimize your online presence, and two strategies are SEO and SEM. But what is the difference?

SEO and SEM. What is the difference?2017-08-22T11:27:11-08:00
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