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Writing a bio about yourself can be difficult, so we kick off the process with some questions to help identify important points about your experience, history, knowledge and expertise. We will review your answers and schedule an appointment, if needed, for clarification.

Everybody is different, and what inspires or drives you is unique to you. We do want to capture your inspiration (why) in addition to all the other stuff (what.)

People relate to people, so if you are comfortable sharing about personal passions, there’s a good chance your customer will relate too, if there’s a shared interest. This is not essential, but it gives folks a deeper understanding about who you are – so shine your light! Topics such as hobbies, favorite sports or sports team, family activities are effective in relatability.

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  • Or, what type of services do you perform or manage?
  • Detail any experience, training or education that adds credibility to your position. (Answers can be a few bullet points or sentences. If there's more, please upload your resume at the bottom of this form.)
  • Why do you do what you do? How did you get started in the business? What makes you get up every morning and do this over and over again? If you have a good answer, please share.
  • This is a question for all stakeholders and brand ambassadors. What do customers need to know when they choose your services? Or, what are the top reasons to choose your company over competitors?
  • People often hire a company based on a profile, like yours. This is especially true if you have shared interests. People enjoy doing business with people. This isn't about self-promotion it's about aligning with your customers. Skip this question if it's out the question. :+)
  • What makes you different or better in comparison to others with a similar skill set?
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    Please include a favorite photo, if you have one. Note: If your file is low quality, under 350px, it may be too small to use with clarity. If this is the case, we will inform you.
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