Hosting horrors


The horror story I’ve decided to talk about this October is something much more insidious, much more common, something there’s a very good chance is lurking around your own business: cheap website hosting.

Hosting horrors2017-10-10T16:46:46-08:00

Formulas for deciding a marketing budget


Typically, advertising and marketing is a set percentage of gross revenue as it is an operational expense. The less you make, the larger the percentage based on your revenue is generally needed to make an impact. For many small businesses, the percentage of gross revenue that has to be devoted to marketing to help growth is around 15%.

Formulas for deciding a marketing budget2017-08-08T14:46:21-08:00

Your business personality: inbound or outbound


Is your business an extrovert, who likes to be in front of a crowd, or an introvert, who likes to create the feeling of one on one conversations with prospects? There’s two main overarching categories of marketing. Most businesses use a blend of both, but will place the bulk of their budget and emphasis on one or the other. You can even think of it as having to do with the “personality” of your business.

Your business personality: inbound or outbound2019-04-10T13:26:24-08:00

The mission of mission statements


What's the point of even having one? Here's the point: A well-written mission statement provides a barometer for judging opportunities and ideas. It should help you to make decisions, but more importantly, it should help every single person in your organization make decisions.

The mission of mission statements2019-04-10T13:22:50-08:00

Getting stuff done with email


Because of the number of emails busy people receive each day, most people only skim emails. But don’t worry, it’s not hard to write emails to make them easily understood and easily responded to even if they aren’t read completely! Soon, you'll compose all your emails in an ultra-easy-to-respond-to way without even having to think about it, and instead of wasting your time with email, you'll be getting more done.

Getting stuff done with email2017-04-20T00:38:22-08:00

Sweet cherries and sweet design


Recently, we were working on producing a document that was packed full of juicy facts about Washington state cherry production. Unbeknownst to us, cherry farmers have been crushing it this decade, delivering nearly 60% of the US sweet cherries to all households. What's more, sales topped over $408M in revenue for Washington in 2015.

Sweet cherries and sweet design2017-03-21T23:02:22-08:00

Customer service guinea pigs


Mr. Truffle is a welcome member of my work team and spends his time in my home office during the day. But in this case, it's not (just) because I'm a crazy guinea pig lady. Guinea pigs are valuable teaching tools for sales people, managers, and anyone who needs a good phone manner.

Customer service guinea pigs2017-02-10T15:51:37-08:00
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