Marketing Fundamentals

What is branding, anyway?


In general, "branding" is everything that you do to establish an image of your company in your customers' minds (and hearts!) This can include your logo, your company's written "voice," and even details like how you train your service staff to interact with customers.

What is branding, anyway?2019-04-10T13:19:31-08:00

Give your sales calls the ears they need


How can you increase your odds of getting through the chain of contacts that stand between you and the business owner? Removing the barriers to a quick-hang up is a great start.

Give your sales calls the ears they need2017-10-05T09:52:41-08:00

The benefits of SEO


You want your most motivated buyers to find you at the moment that they’re ready to buy. SEO is the tool to make those instant connections.

The benefits of SEO2017-12-18T19:55:33-08:00

SEO and SEM. What is the difference?


You may have heard that to stand out to potential customers, you need to optimize your online presence, and two strategies are SEO and SEM. But what is the difference?

SEO and SEM. What is the difference?2017-08-22T11:27:11-08:00

Formulas for deciding a marketing budget


Typically, advertising and marketing is a set percentage of gross revenue as it is an operational expense. The less you make, the larger the percentage based on your revenue is generally needed to make an impact. For many small businesses, the percentage of gross revenue that has to be devoted to marketing to help growth is around 15%.

Formulas for deciding a marketing budget2017-08-08T14:46:21-08:00

How digital has changed thin markets


Top of mind awareness to maintain and grow market share can only be achieved when consumers frequently see your messages over time, and your creative and content is appealing and memorable.

How digital has changed thin markets2017-07-18T08:54:40-08:00

The reasons to play the Facebook game


Facebook tends to be one of the hardest social media platforms to compete on, but with any social arena, you might start to ask yourself: is going to all this trouble (and potential expense) to produce “social” content worth it?

The reasons to play the Facebook game2017-07-21T02:50:10-08:00

Winning the Facebook game


There's one way in which your goals and Facebook's goals align perfectly: You both want people to want to read and interact with the content you post. Realizing this is how you start to win the Facebook game.

Winning the Facebook game2019-04-10T13:16:48-08:00

Understanding the Facebook game


Mastering the complex and changing rule-set that Facebook requires of businesses to gain visibility feels impossible! But you know what else has complicated rules and ever-changing environments that most of us still engage with enthusiastically? Video games.

Understanding the Facebook game2019-04-10T12:43:28-08:00
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