CtH Bio Form

Have you experienced inspiration by becoming a part of the CtH UCC Community? Others just like you might also be looking for our community, and may identify specifically with you! Since writing your own personal bio may not be the easiest of tasks, I have created this form to kick start your inspiration and get your creative wheels turning. Please let me know if you want help with editing and I’m glad to assist. I will review it before it is published, and make sure it meets all approvals (CtH and yours!)

The idea here is to let spiritual seekers and like-minded folks know and understand why you are an essential expression of CtH.

It’s also valuable to provide a voice to the CtH leaders and Beacons to find a voice on the website, and create opportunities for spiritual seekers to engage with you or your favorite CtH supported events.

In addition, research has proven hobbies, family activities, and personal interests are effective in the self-selection process, as people easily identify through shared interests. So feel free to include this information. Food, raw or gourmet, seems to be a common theme with our community, so feel free to share about that too.

If you have questions, please email me: julie@marketingeq.com.