As your Marketing and Advertising Representative, it’s important that our team fully understand all aspects of your business – which is made up of you, your customers, your sales channels, and your products or services. Very few new business owners, or growing businesses in maturity, have formal marketing plans from which we can plan. That’s why they hire Marketing EQ!

What we also learned in the past 11 years is that very few business owners want to take the time to formalize ‘data’, when they are excited to go to market with their products and services, and take their business to a whole new level. We appreciate your enthusiasm, and are here to provide assistance, including fiduciary accountability and responsibility. That’s the value of EQ.  And while the shotgun approach can work at time, it’s only through thoughtful planning and careful considerations, with data, that create enduring brands. This is our way to reduce risk and achieve optimal sales results most efficiently. Please join us in taking your sales to a whole new level, and complete the forms to the best of your ability.

Your assistance in providing as much information as possible will help us to move quickly, be strategic in our efforts and hit the target, the first time.

We look forward to learning more about you, and gear up for a phenomenal start of your most excellent marketing through Marketing EQ.

Client Information

Client Information

Required information for client setup

  • For details about your specific industry segments, go to and perform a product search. Add any and all codes that may apply.

Product & Service Analysis

You may have 1-4 different customers, with various profiles. They include primary, secondary, tertiary and transient customers. They may all serve a purpose, but require different strategies. Do you best here, and see how far you get. Think of your first customer as your obvious customer, your secondary customer as perhaps being a smaller market, but valuable, your transient as fewer sales, but possibly higher value… and lastly your transient customer, the fewest sales, and may be a different market all together.

Customer Analysis

We will process this information and be back in touch in several days! Thank you for helping us get to know you better.