This process is intended for start-up businesses or existing organizations that are looking for improvement. While some questions simply won’t apply to you, we consider other questions necessary to effective planning. Thank you in advance for taking time to work through this process.

What we have proposed is quite a thorough assessment for all areas of your business, which represents the fundamentals of marketing – the 5 P’s – Product, Planning, Pricing, Placement, and Promotion.

Aligning all the elements of your communication is the most important part. These questions below identify your wants and needs, and can also reveal what we consider to be communication gaps. Gaps are very expensive and reduce your customer acquisition and conversion.

We do get into the weeds of it all, which can be very annoying to some, but this is where we find both opportunity for growth, and constraints, which are both necessary and informing.

These questions, and this level of discovery, represent the top line of our Marketing Process Funnel. This is our secret to success, and how we are effective with everything we create.

The 2nd line of the MPF represents core communication for branding, content, creative and strategy. Once these are optimized, we can move to the 3rd line of the MPF, which represents all the stuff we create for our clients – websites, marketing materials, email marketing, advertising and more.

We see with your eyes first, so you can see with ours. This aligns us for all initiatives and helps us to get ‘it’ right the first time.

We consider all of these questions essential as they inform the strategic planning process. Understanding the answers will reduce your risk and minimize inefficient advertising spending. This will also aid in our assessment, and whether we feel confident to initiate effort.

If you don’t have time to conduct the research needed for various requests, we are more than glad to provide you with Research and Discover Services. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to lean into the difficult questions, and take your time with reflection if there is uncertainty. This effort is setting the the stage for success and this is how we get there; to eliminate as many unknowns as possible, and understand your goals.

This is a large investment of our time to understand who you are and what you want and need. Let’s make sure we are well-aligned for new initiatives.

Step #1: Customer analysis and profiles

Step #2: Products and services analysis

Step #3: State of your marketing