Do you continually deliberate over where to spend your marketing budget? Are you solicited often for media products and services but wonder whether there is a direct benefit to your business? Every medium has an audience. Every audience has a profile of readers, listeners, viewers, users and participants. Does your customer profile closely match the audience you are targeting?

If you have not utilized a formal marketing plan process, a simplified version is to define your customer, market situation, opportunity for growth, competitors and unique features. Couple this exercise with establishing a budget to create parameters on how many people you will reach, how often you will reach them and how many distinct markets you can utilize to communicate your core message. A media mix is the goal, but you may have to work toward the goal with individual objectives.

I welcome all media and marketing vendors to actively participate with Marketing EQ in providing the most accurate, relevant advertising and marketing data available. Marketing EQ is interested in fact-based research and statistics, and concise product/service descriptions. Marketing EQ reserves the right to edit content as it sees fit.