I assume by now, you’ve heard of click-bait. It’s everywhere. Those annoying headlines that try and drag you in with the promise of a crazy shock that ends up being bland and dry. For example: “8 Celebrities That Look Nothing Like They Did in Their Prime…Number 3 Will BLOW your MIND!” You can’t escape them, but you can avoid having them in your own work.

Click-bait articles tend to make promises they can’t or don’t keep and end up disappointing the reader. This can lead to the site getting flagged for spam and Facebook obviously does not want to be associated with spam sites.

To improve user experience, Facebook updated their filters in 2016 to increase efficiency and relevance of someone’s natural News Feed. By identifying phrases commonly found in click-bait, Facebook created a system that compares every headline you share on Facebook with their database of current click-bait articles and determines if you are consistent with existing articles or if you pass through. If this new system determines you are congruent with recent articles, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm will lower the organic reach of your page, while also reducing the organic reach of all posts that link to your website.

In May of 2017, Facebook enhanced their filters again to go as far as demoting posts with individual links that contained headlines that could feature click-bait terms. By demoting these posts, they show further down or not at all in most News Feeds lowering your traffic to your Facebook page as well as any clicks to your site.

While as a business owner this may sound harsh, think of it as an extra tool in your belt! With the new algorithm in place, Facebook is pushing businesses to become more creative and unique in the way they advertise, allowing for more opportunities for you to shine among the rest. Try something different! As technology evolves, the way we do business must evolve with it. Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, make sure to keep up on the latest methods of advertising on that site and adapt to the updates.