Calhoun Hardwood Flooring

New Logo for 2022, updated on the website.

Calhoun and Sons, now Calhoun Hardwood Flooring, reached out to us when they found that their website was being mismanaged by another company; the company lost all of the passwords, access the site, and the site was beginning to decay due to neglect. We worked to develop a new website, and helped them gather and sort through photos they always hoped to share with their customers.

Armed with stories from a wide variety of client projects, we created a new brand presence, including a new logo, that better expressed their professionalism and creativity. We created content that conveyed the services they provided and a portfolio of project images.

This collaboration expanded into van signage that generated new leads wherever they traveled. They also asked for flyers to distribute into the neighborhoods where they working on jobs. This method created perpetual new jobs.

Client review

After meeting with Marketing EQ team, they were a clear choice because they were efficient, trusting, and great communicators. They designed a new logo and vehicle signage before building our website. It was such an elegant look that exceeded our expectations They are fast and give a design that is unique and affordable. I couldnt be more satisfied with the outcome of the entire project. I am ecstatic about where our company is going to go and we are already seeing great results. Marketing EQ, you nailed it!

Jim Calhoun, Calhoun and Sons