Cascade Furniture is one of Marketing EQ’s first clients. Julie first started working with the owner in 2008.

The relationship started out slow as the owner had experienced disappointment in the advertising services he had received, with diminishing returns. Julie worked with the company and began to research both the market and interview employees since they contained a vast knowledge base about the industry and customers they serve. What we discovered is there are two main customers, and the best customer was mature, and there were fewer of them. We focused on the emerging market, primarily, who was a younger demographic, and who typically owned mismatched, throw-away furniture. We also discovered this same group needed guidance and direction with their purchases, and the owner hired sales people with design knowledge and expertise.

As time went on, Cascade Furniture entrusted Julie with creative, design, content, planning and implementation. This helped to create a turnkey experience for the client, which included television commercial production, script writing, media planning, media buying, transit ads, direct mail, magazine ads, newspaper ads, banners, events, event promotion, radio advertising, printed materials, vendor management, and more. We also assisted in logo development in collaboration with Deane’s Graphics, which was prior to Lee, Julie’s business partner, joining Marketing EQ.

Client review

Julie knows what she’s talking about. She knows what she’s doing.

Jon Wright, Cascade Furniture