Cascade Furniture is one of Marketing EQ’s oldest clients. We first started solving problems for them in 2008.

The relationship started out slow. The owner, Jon, has always felt some distrust toward marketing reps, and we don’t blame him! Marketing is something that every business needs to grow and thrive, but most people don’t know enough about it to evaluate what they’re being offered, and as a result, almost every business has a horror story to tell. So we first engaged by offering education, so he could feel in control of his marketing, and not need to worry about being taken advantage of no matter who was trying to pitch him.

Once the ball was rolling, we began by crafting Cascade Furniture a marketing plan by interviewing all of the employees, such as salespeople, to get a deep understanding of the business, as well as speaking to customers on the sales floor to learn what people’s needs, desires, and fears were when it came to the furniture industry. Through this process, it was discovered that Cascade Furniture’s previous assumptions about their market were erroneous, and money was being spent targeting the wrong sort of customer! Don’t worry, we fixed all that.

As time went on, we handled Cascade Furniture’s creative, design, implementation, planning — everything. It was a turnkey experience, including television commercial production, script writing, media planning, media buying, creative planning, transit ads, direct mail, magazine ads, newspaper ads, banners, events, event promotion, radio advertising, printed materials, vendor management, website development and more. We also did logo development in collaboration with Deanes Graphics.

Client review

Julie knows what she’s talking about. She knows what she’s doing.

Jon Wright, Cascade Furniture
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