Project Description

Vantage Point HR (Formerly Vantage Point Business Solutions) needed some way to market to businesses, most of which are likely out of HR compliance. The owner wanted to see if public speaking could be a solid method for acquiring new contacts. He didn’t know how to attract customers in his backyard, or, for that matter IF his back yard was even the right playground for generating B2B leads. In addition,  he wasn’t certain about what message he would use to entice business owners to pay attention, since much of his work is related to HR law and averting disasters. His fear was that even though his information may save his customers hundreds of thousands of dollars, prevent them from losing employees and revenue, it didn’t necessarily constitute a crisis. How can we motivate businesses to understand that evaluating their situation before a crisis is a better choice?

  1. First, his customers had to be identified – by number of employees, revenue and geography. Since HE was the commodity, and facetime one-on-one was imperative, geography mattered and being able to easily access his customers in a congested city was critical.
  2. Then we identified the top three issues related to changing laws and issues that must be addressed, before it was too late. It was going to raise a few eyebrows and get folks to take a second look.
  3. Next, we developed a formal letter with an invitation to an event. We created a web page with a form so the attendees could pick the meal of their choice.
  4. A call script was developed, including questions validating the contact person and their contact information. It was set up to make contact and give them a heads up about the event, and the letter that was showing up.
  5. We called and made certain our list was solid and the contacts were accurate. Every contact list you obtain, no matter the source will have 10-20% errors. You MUST validate and qualify your prospective customers.
  6. A mail-merge was created and and we sent out hand-stamped, hand-addressed envelopes to a list of 80 local business. Within one day of postal receipt, the top target customer on the list called our client for an exclusive meeting with his regional team.
  7. We created our first trial event with local businesses and prospective clients, but also existing contacts of Marketing EQ. We worked with our client on developing the presentation and provided consulting on presentation preparation, planning and execution. Our client refined the presentation and created a very clean presentation as a result.

To make sure our client was ready for his new customers, we created business cards, pens, thank-you cards and envelopes, event signage, and a proposal with individual sheets that can be used independently or all together with a custom proposal template.

I spent a lot of time networking when I started my business thinking I could generate a lot of leads. If I had to do it all over again, the first place I’d come is right here to Marketing EQ.

Over a year later 1/24/29: As I look back on 2018 I’ve found myself reflecting on all that you’ve done for myself and Vantage Point. Your early confidence, ideas and support were key to keeping me going. As I gain more clarity about myself and the company, the tools you built continue to be reliable, useful and flexible; even this simple Thank You Card has been one of my best marketing tools. Thanks for all you do!

Thomas Engel, Vantage Point Business Solutions