Project Description

Vantage Point HR (Formerly Vantage Point Business Solutions) was looking for a way to market his business to companies who have little understanding of HR compliance, and by default were generally out of compliance to the law. MEQ was tasked with helping Vantage Point define their target customers, established an improved geographic area of influence, and find innovative ways to engage prospective customers.

Marketing EQ created an Executive Briefing which included writing a compelling letter with invitation to an event with lunch. We created a mock presentation for the client, prior to event to test out the proposed presentation and materials. MEQ created the content for the letter, a web landing page for sign up with lunch choices, and managed all aspects of the direct mail delivery and event.

Additional services included:

  • Create and validated a list of 80 businesses that fit the client’s profile for an ideal customer, within his primary service area
  • Managing the mailing process and distribution of the letter
  • A call script and phone calls informing the business the letter was forthcoming

This effort resulted in an immediate call from the customer’s number one pick from the best prospective customer.

To make sure our client was ready for his new customers, he asked MEQ to create business cards, pens, thank-you cards and envelopes, event signage, and a proposal with individual sheets that can be used independently or all together with a custom proposal template.

I spent a lot of time networking when I started my business thinking I could generate a lot of leads. If I had to do it all over again, the first place I’d go is Marketing EQ.

Over a year later the client provided additional feedback:

As I look back on 2018 I’ve found myself reflecting on all that you’ve done for myself and Vantage Point. Your early confidence, ideas and support were key to keeping me going. As I gain more clarity about myself and the company, the tools you built continue to be reliable, useful and flexible; even this simple Thank You Card has been one of my best marketing tools. Thanks for all you do!

Thomas Engel, Vantage Point Business Solutions