The founders of HealingWaze, Amber and Logan Cook, came to us with an ambitious vision: creating a web platform for alternative healthcare practitioners. For a small monthly fee, they get inclusion in HealingWaze’s public directory of searchable practitioners, the ability to submit articles to HealingWaze’s blog, and participation in professional forums. The public can find practitioners in their area, filtering by more than 70 different healing modalities, specialities of treatments, and more. The site concept also included a custom rating system.

Marketing EQ took their vision for a website and turned it into reality, and then continued on to create marketing materials and a whole new logo and brand identity.

The new logo takes the idea of a person with outstretched arms, rejoicing in their health, and moves it into a slightly more abstract realm. The person almost becomes the stamen of a flower, with petals representing many people coming together, growth, or blossoming. The abstract person is full of movement and vitality. There’s an echo of the Rod of Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicinal arts in Greek mythology and is often used as a symbol for hospitals in the west — with the lotus and the rod resonating in this one image, we bring elements of both eastern and western medical traditions into one logo.

Client review

Kim and her team are amazing in every way. Very knowledgeable, talented, efficient, great communication, and so easy to work with. Always going above and beyond what’s promised or expected! Julie is a go getter, genuine and cares a lot about her clients and their success. Very helpful in the creation of our marketing plan! We were also quite impressed by the graphic designers. Very talented, and worked quick with some last minute projects.

Amber & Logan, Founders of HealingWaze