Project Description

Vaginal dryness is a very sensitive subject, but Nature’s Naturopathic felt that it was time for a frank discussion on the topic — and they had a solution to present. They approached Marketing EQ to help design and write the content for a website that addressed the problem head-on.

When we began our work, the only design direction we had to go off of was the first draft of the packaging that their product was intended to be shipped in. We aimed to create a brand, website and eventually, print collateral that supported Nature’s Naturopathic’s message, appealed to their target audience, and steered clear of traditional stereotypes about “women’s issues” such as powdery pinks and young women in sundresses standing on mountain tops.

Once the website was built, the client wanted to attract more people to their website, so we added on-site SEO so the search engines would have the correct details when serving up organic search information to prospective customers. After five weeks, the website ranked number 2 or 3 in six search phrases. That was all we could ask for, given the cluttered and competitive space for lubricants and the size of the company. Large corporations will compete for number 1 position and spend a small fortune to be there; but this client didn’t need the #1 position, they needed to be found by customers looking for a superior choice to all of the unhealthy options with no lasting benefits for the user. Mission accomplished!

The client recognized that their website looked great, and they were getting organic search traffic, but not enough to drive sales. It was time to advertise. We investigated a number of avenues including social media, radio, digital and print ads. We submitted a cost/benefit analysis. The client wanted to test national magazine advertisements on Women’s Day and Web MD, so we created unique URL’s to track web traffic and traffic sources. Since Facebook advertising disallowed this product because it’s not “family friendly”, we looked at the highest converting advertising – search advertising, AKA text-based ads. We ran for six months and the client enjoyed a 2.7% conversion rate, which was excellent, given the size of the budget, and duration of spend. Since onsite SEO was in alignment with their search ads, they enjoyed a strong quality score. Display ads also created leads, but not as significant as the search ads. Today, search ads and organic traffic are driving the most sales. This is a shining example of why quality matters, from content and design, to SEO and advertising.

To let their existing B2B customers know this new product was available for resale, the client needed tote bags, postcards and notebooks in a hurry. Since Marketing EQ is partnered with Midnight Design and Promotions, who is a member of ASI, we were able to deliver these items within two weeks at the most competitive pricing available in the US. Their promotion was a success and their customers loved it!

Since the eCommerce portion of the website was capturing customer data for purchases, the client needed a way to communicate to the new customers and provide them with new incentives to purchase. Marketing EQ added an email marketing component to the website, and set up the email program so the client could focus on creating new campaigns. We also created a communication strategy and web survey for the client so they could understand how their customers felt about the product, since they are dedicated to customer satisfaction and improvement. They are a model eCommerce citizen! We included a coupon too, and segregated offers based on purchase type. This process helped automate the communication system to ensure the most efficient delivery of information.