Nature’s Naturopathic (Bezwecken)

Nature’s Naturopathic (Bezwecken)2017-08-10T08:39:41-08:00

Project Description

Vaginal dryness is a very sensitive subject, but Nature’s Naturopathic felt that it was time for a frank discussion on the topic — and they had a solution to present. They approached Marketing EQ to help design and write the content for a website that addressed the problem head-on.

When we began our work, the only design direction we had to go off of was the first draft of the packaging that their product was intended to be shipped in. We aimed to create a brand, website and eventually, print collateral that supported Nature’s Naturopathic’s message, appealed to their target audience, and steered clear of traditional stereotypes about “women’s issues” such as powdery pinks and young women in sundresses standing on mountain tops.