Clark County continues to take community engagement to new levels with the Planet Clark Program and Home Heroes. They have worked diligently over the past 12 years to foster community engagement through fun activities for kids of all ages. They are a leader in social marketing, and support the local building community. They also provide a blueprint of the program to building officials everywhere. Marketing EQ has been there every step of the way with logos, branding, illustration, web development, professional content and design, event management, videos and more. We continue to support Clark County to this very day.

The Heroes and the Villains

The home heroes and villains were created to help youth and their parents understand best practices for keeping their homes safe and healthy. Wright Roberts and Paige Peterson are homeowners by night, and defenders of building safety by day. To prevent home disasters from happening in your home, don’t hire zombie contractors without licenses – these are contractors who won’t obtain permits. Monsters in your Closets were developed to show problems that can wreak havoc in your home and cause total disaster!

Clark County Building Safety protects the community and homeowners by demonstrating best practices, and shedding light on bad actors, like shady contractors who don’t have licensing. Together, we developed the Home Hero Characters, who represent Building Safety’s First Preventers. Meet Professor Gear, Ethan AKA “Insight” and B4TRBL who work tirelessly to protect families from harm. Home Heroes are also Home Owners who keep a watchful eye out for trouble, and never let zombie contractors in their homes.

To take these important concepts to the community, the client created the Planet Clark Trailer, an interactive trailer, equipped with fun and engaging activities for kids and parents alike. Considering this trailer travels throughout Clark County and Portland, having a standout design was mission critical. Marketing EQ worked closely with Clark County Building Safety to develop trailer designs that will get folks lining up to see more.

From 2011 to present, Marketing EQ has developed the concepts of the Superhero’s, redesigned the logo for Planet Clark and Building Safety, and established new branding guidelines too. The two main websites are Planet Clark for families –, and the Blueprint of Planet Clark for Building Officials everywhere.… “Steal this Blueprint’.