The Project

In 2012, Clark County Building Safety tasked Marketing EQ with helping them to develop the Planet Clark Website, after several failed attempts with prior contractors failed to deliver the look, feel and expectations of Clark County Building Safety. Content became the main subject of the new website, and MEQ worked with the client to develop communication to match the programs that were to be presented on the website. Lee and Julie worked diligently to create designs and tools for the clients’ outreach programs – Education, HVAC Ductwork Testing, The Planet Clark Demonstration Trailer, safe building practices like Protect your Peep, green and sustainable building practices and more.

Their innovative plan utilizing a public/private partnership and government grants resulted in the Planet Clark Program, the Planet Clark Trailer, The Energy Detectives Program, Good Wall/Bad Wall and Marketing EQ has been with them every step of the way

Marketing EQ was responsible for project management, video development, content, design, development, illustrations, public relations and more. Most recently, in 2022, Marketing EQ completed the redevelopment of new Planet Clark website, including illustrations, a new design vehicle wrap for the Planet Clark Trailer, and more!