The above image represent the original website developed in 2012. Redevelopment of the site occurred in 2022, as noted below.

Case Study

Clark County is committed to fostering a safe, secure future where natural resources are conserved and basic human needs are met. This includes clean water, fresh air and healthy food, along with shelter, education and employment. Welcome to Planet Clark Emerald House.

Clark County’s Department of Environmental Services (DES) and Building Services’ Planet Clark program created another public/private partnership to build an affordable, healthy, safe and sustainable home for a family in need.

As part of the Planet Clark mission for outreach and education, DES and the Planet Clark Program wanted to create public awareness for energy conservation and new building technologies.

Marketing EQ developed a website for outreach and education. The goal was to create a model and knowledge center for residents, the building community, other government agencies & municipalities, and future generations. From content development and site strategy to facilitation and communication between stakeholders and partners, Marketing EQ managed the project from idea to launch.

The website was recently redeveloped by Marketing EQ, as shown below. Emerald is now integrated into the website.

Services Performed

Branding & Images | Content Development & Strategy | Public Relations | Website Development | Website Design & Development

Check out redevelopment of Emerald Planet Clark, which was integrated into the website, below