Project Description

Tapani Brand Guidelines page samples
Tapani logo, rebuilt to make use of vector graphics
Stand-up banner, roughly 7 feet tall
Tapani homepage displayed on a computer monitor
Tapani about page displayed on a computer monitor
Tapani website displayed on a smartphone
Tapani business cards

Despite being a multi-million dollar company, our friends at Tapani had never invested much into their branding or advertising – they’d been getting by on the strength of their reputation alone. Impressive! But in 2016, they began to feel it was time for their brand to reflect the professionalism and maturity of their company, and in December, began to engage with Marketing EQ.

Our fresh ideas became the impetus for internal idea generation and decision making. Issues such as multiple logo versions all being in use at once and inconsistent colors used between different pieces of collateral were some of the first things to be cleaned up; followed by larger projects like a codified brand guidelines document, a complete rebuild of the company website, multiple photography shoots to capture Tapani at work, new business cards for the entire company and more.

  • Created and produced over 100 on-location project signs.
  • Revised the company logo.
  • Developed brand guidelines.
  • Website redevelopment.
  • Vision & core values document.
  • Business card redesign.
  • Photography.
  • Designed and produced a recruitment banner.
  • Graphic design.
  • Content writing.

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