Trusted Transitions’ “aging in place” model was ahead of the times when we met. The challenge business owner Christine Evoniuk faced was helping people think about their future physical decline and making the necessary preparations in their home so they never have to leave. As a highly credentialed construction designer whose father was also an influencer in the construction industry, her knowledge, charisma and design sense were not yet represented.  Since Christine was going to be a featured speaker at an upcoming event, we felt public relations was a good tool to make her known.

We wrote press releases to promote speaking engagements, created banners for events, updated the look of her business card to be commensurate with her level of expertise, and directed and produced a series of videos that she could feature on her website and share online to get the word out. We also did some media planning so that she could more effectively target her market, and developed ads to reach those audiences.