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Project Description

Vantage Point Business Solutions

When we first engaged with Tom Engel, owner of Vantage Point Business Solutions, we were tasked with building his company a new website that explained his extremely unique service offerings to a wide range of clients. Through a process of in-depth discovery and interviewing Tom, we helped him to better define his strengths and core focuses, helped him to create fixed price bundled services that were good fits for his key markets, and generated a dozen pages of original content that helped to explain and promote those services.

Only then did we build his logo, brand guidelines, website and marketing strategy.

Client review

I am fortunate to have been referred to Marketing EQ through a mutual connection. After interviewing several companies, researching online and gathering feedback, there was no question in my mind that they were the partner for me. Here’s why:

  • They take time to understand you and your business. [They] took the time to understand my business, review our existing assets and better grasp what was important to me.
  • They don’t assume what you need. While I met some other good companies, their work gave me confidence that they understood me and that I was in good hands.
  • They focus on content first and presentation second. Good visuals, layouts, websites and logos are all important. But they’re nothing if you don’t have something compelling to say. While this was the most frustrating part of the process because my inner 6-year-old kept screaming “Are we almost there?” I respected that this was the core of what would make my site and brand great. I wasn’t wrong.
  • They provide me great ideas and look out for my interests. I was honestly expecting a huge push for SEO work when my site was done. Instead, [they] took the time to thoughtfully consider next steps, and come up with a smart marketing plan moving forward that didn’t push a canned strategy.

You can be the best in your profession or industry. But if no one knows who you are, what you can do, have done for others, likes and trusts you – you’re limiting your success.

If you’re ready to partner with marketing professionals to help tell your story you need to call MarketingEQ. But know up front, this is often not a walk in the park. You will be challenged, assigned homework, your business assumptions questioned – all with the goal of telling your story in the most honest and genuine way possible.

The results will speak for themselves and it will be worth it. Call.

Tom Engel, Founder and Principal Consultant, Vantage Point Business Solutions

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