RSVP to fall photography day

RSVP to fall photography day2017-10-16T13:52:21-08:00

For this shoot, we will be using a 70x200mm zoom. This lens allows for a beautiful, diffuse background full of light and color, nevertheless not distracting because of its gentle blur. This is known as the “bocca” effect.

Our normal price for a headshot would be $150, but because we want to see you, we’re offering shots for $15 per image. Your shot will be delivered to you as an unedited digital file, should you choose to join us.

Right now, we are planning our shoot for October 26th at 12 noon at the intersection of 13th and Franklin in Vancouver. However, due to changing weather, we may change this date if the forecast changes. Please RSVP so we can be certain to update you about any scheduling changes.