Good content is often the last consideration for a website but offers the greatest value to your customers or prospects and helps your site be found. Without it, customers can’t make informed decisions or understand how your company is different or why they should buy from you. What’s worse, your website may not be easily found. Content helps your site be seen and found.

The first place to start is a strategy based on your customers and their needs. It should be professionally written and be authentic to include keywords relevant to your business. People relate to stories and enjoy the emotion they evoke.

The search engines will recognize your content when it’s aligned with the products and services on your website and posted to other sites. A web developer who understand search engine optimization will make sure your website content includes the right information.

Every business is unique and will require a content strategy that fits their company mission, goals and financial situation. Wells Fargo for instance has over 200 employees dedicated to creating great content that is re-purposed on their website, in news media, on social sites and more. We know smaller companies don’t have this bandwidth so what do you do?

  1. Write a strategy around your customer interests. If you are a furniture company, you could create one blog post per week over four weeks with one topic per week:
    1. Color matching
    2. Space planning
    3. Inexpensive design ideas
    4. How to use patterns in your accessories
  2. Make sure if you hire professional writers that understand your industry
  3. Once you have blog posts with good content, you’re for social media postings and inbound marketing!