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Whether you rely on digital or traditional advertising in your media mix, we optimize your plan for the highest conversion rate.
As the top digital and
traditional advertising agency in Vancouver, you can expect:

  1. The best research available – it’s current and relevant to your specific industry, customers and area of influence.
  2. Expert managers steward your campaigns.
  3. Access to the #1 digital service provider (DSP) in the nation.
  4. 100% transparency on where your dollars are invested.
  5. The ability to shift your investment in real time and identify increased performance.
  6. Weekly or monthly reports, depending on your needs.
  7. Precision creative – Our design experts will craft the highest impact ads that connect with your priority audiences.
  8. Over 79 years combined media planning and design.

Digital Media

Mobile and search are dominating digital media advertising. Here is why more businesses are turning to digital advertising than ever before:

  • Today, more than 85% of consumers turn to search engines when looking for a local business.
  • Over 65% of people click on Google ads when looking to buy an item online.
  • Over 70% of all consumers in the US use smartphones and tablets to search for local services.* And these numbers are already outdated by the time you reading this!
  • Digital advertising is easy to track if you set up key performance indicators – fill out a contact form, purchase a product, download an e-book, subscribe to a newsletter. We can help you identify a conversion strategy that will work with your business model and resources.
  • Tracking and monitoring – Using complimentary tools with your digital advertising is a great way to capture new customers and lead them through a sales process. Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, and Chat Services are a few tools that provide insights about who is engaging with you, how often they check out your services and what they are looking for. The more we know about your customer, the better prepared we are to complete the final steps to the desired actions – a phone call, a meeting, an appointment, an analysis or a sale. The more engagement we can get, the greater the likelihood of making a direct contact. We can assist you in the set up of these important conversion support tools.
  • Since clients are about 85% through the sales process from researching you and your competitors before they call you, if you provide the right information, with the right offers to engage, over half of the battle is won. Then you must make sure there is someone at the other end of the line, who can answer the remaining questions when they do call! We are a content first company, so this part is a breeze! We have access to current research to give us insights too.

If you want to learn about who you can improve your digital effectiveness, take this online Digital Analysis.

Other important considerations when building your digital presence:

  • Do you know how quality score is affecting the cost of your ads and the amount of leads that you receive? Your website content and organic SEO have a direct impact on your quality score. The lower the score, the fewer the leads, and the more you have to spend to acquire them.
  • Does your digital platform exercise transparency on how they price their inventory? If not, you may be paying too much, for too little. Our enterprise level platform has one price for all inventory. You don’t pay more every time you add a new ad channels. One price for all inventory!
  • Are you able to sit down with your DSP representative or Agency representative and ask for a full breakdown of costs for every product you are buying? A cost per 1,000 (CPM) analysis will reveal all.
  • What are the parameters that determine the quality of your audience? Age, media habits, lifestyle, shopping habits or? Consistency matters.
  • Are you confident that your strategy, content and design are optimized for peak performance? We can support your efforts with communication excellence and visual artistry that will resonate with your priority audiences.

*1. Consumer Barometer with Google 2. Wordstream 3. Hubspot

One local local furniture company reached out us due to poor advertising performance. He had little confidence in doing any sort of ads. We applied marketing science with creative planning and developed a sensible plan. The client said “Now I see like you see!” They are now enjoying advertising success – Julie Gorham, Owner, Marketing EQ

Traditional Media

Looking to augment your digital? Marketing EQ can help you find the right balance. We have extensive experience in TV, radio, print, direct mail, out of home or non-traditional media. Whether you need consultation or ongoing guidance, we can help you find a balanced marketing mix. Prevent inefficiencies in your advertising plan and request an advertising audit. Continuous improvement is a necessity, not a luxury. We utilize a formal planning process with industry standard marketing metrics and research.

Through close marketing analysis for one local dentist, Marketing EQ  found $25,000 in savings by adjusting the schedule to their effective service area. We retooled the budget and reallocated the remaining $50,000; the result was a 300% increase in effective reach to the primary  target customers and improved frequency to reinforce messaging.  We help small businesses that commonly buy into mass ad programs that sound good but are rarely in full alignment with the industry or company metrics.  – Julie Gorham, Owner, Marketing EQ

Feeling confused about where to spend your dollars? Don’t worry, we’ve got this!

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Event Materials & Ad Specialties

As a reseller of printed materials, we have access to the same printing and event manufactures that your local printer uses. Large print house can print most of the work in-house, but there are very few, local one-stop print shops. There are thousands of manufacturers across the US and World and we work diligently for our clients to provide the best pricing and value for the materials needed. We would love to provide you with a quote for services.

  • We are a member of ASI and can source just about anything you want
  • We are a reseller for Expand, lightweight, easy to assemble event materials in clever designs for easy shipping.
  • We utilize local and regional prints and find best pricing for specific projects
  • We work with best-in-class vendors for automotive signage

Clark County, NW Home Builder Group and Artful Attic are a few of the customers who needed everything in a snap, from logos and design to event materials and ads. Since we already developed content and designs for our clients, it’s seamless to create event and giveaways with short turn-times. When clients use our turn-key services, lead time is reduced and products arrive on time for events, even with short turn times. It’s not always easy to do, but we have the resources and work hard to get the work performed quickly – Julie Gorham, Owner, Marketing EQ

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