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Our team has deep experience in digital, traditional and out of home advertising from planning and design to implementation. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Research that is current and relevant to your specific industry, customers and areas of influence.
  2. An expert manager who is involved at all levels of planning, deployment and management.
  3. An advertising platform that is best suited for your campaign goals and budget.
  4. Full transparency on where your budget is invested.
  5. Weekly or monthly reporting
  6. Precision creative – Our design experts will craft the highest impact ads that connect with your priority audiences.
  7. 26 years experience in media planning and buying.
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Preparing for digital advertising

We are in exciting times, when consumers have more choices than ever, and there’s nearly unlimited content on nearly any subjects But how do you make certain your content can be found?

Whether you’re planning search ads, display and audio ads, video ads, or TV ads, preparing your website is critical to your advertising success. Your website is the primary landing site for customers. You can spend a lot of money on ads, and have diminished results because your website isn’t properly set up to capture leads or convert. Here a few important considerations before you launch into a campaign:

  1. Quality score This is an evaluation of your web content in relation to your advertising content. If there’s not a match, your score drops, which means the search engines will demote your business. You will get fewer leads, and pay more for each lead.
  2. Site Content Volume Does your website contain the right balance of content that answers most questions for site visitors? This will support search lift and relevance. If you very little content, your advertising dollars have to work much harder, and this will result in fewer results.
  3. Site Content Quality Content that is both informative and provides answers to common questions or concerns is high value to the search engines, particularly 600-word blogs. If your organization appears to be a subject matter expert, the site will be considered authoritative and relevant. This means your advertising won’t have to work as hard and your quality score will be high.
  4. SEO (Search engine optimization) SEO is important on your website, and offsite too. This will impact your site authority and relevance, and how well your site indexes with the search engines.
  5. Site Look & Feel Does your website contain professional design, content, and images? Is it laid out in a way that site visitors easily see what you do? Does the look and feel attract your core customers? These are important considerations. If you drive leads to your site, but people quickly leave, this is considered a failure. We don’t want that!

There are many other important considerations, like landing pages that you can track, whether your offers and calls to action are compelling enough for conversion, what type of conversion you want, and where conversions will be tracked.

Planning Traditional Media

Finding the right balance of products, combined with digital can be challenging. Evaluating your budget, priority audiences and financial goals is the first step to finding a sustainable budget. Establishing an efficient average cost per 1,000 people reached (CPM) is key to a balanced media mix. We can help.

We have extensive experience in TV, radio, print, direct mail, out of home or non-traditional media. We offer consultation and strategic planning. Prevent inefficiencies in your advertising plan and request an advertising audit. Continuous improvement will help keeps costs down. We utilize a formal planning process with industry-standard marketing metrics and research.

Through close marketing analysis for one local dentist, Marketing EQ found $25,000 in advertising savings by adjusting the schedule to their effective service area. We retooled the budget and reallocated the remaining $50,000; the result was a 300% increase in effective reach to the primary target customers and improved frequency to reinforce messaging. We help small businesses that commonly buy into mass ad programs that sound good but are rarely in full alignment with the industry or company metrics.
– Julie Gorham, Owner, Marketing EQ

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One local furniture company reached out us due to poor advertising performance. He had little confidence in doing any sort of ads. We applied marketing science with creative planning and developed a sensible plan. The client said, “Now I see as you see!” Our education through practical application has strengthened their advertising success.
– Julie Gorham, Owner, Marketing EQ

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