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How do you define creativity that produces customer engagement and client satisfaction? Long experience, branding standards and audience profiles combined with fresh ideas from creative professionals with unique perspectives. Our creative team includes content writers, jingle makers, illustrators, ad and graphic designers, logo developers, photographers, and videographers allowing us to be a perfectly well-rounded design and marketing agency.

Graphic Design

What goes into a really great design? Everything! It starts with your brand elements and must include professional imagery or illustration. It should be a clean design with clever content. It must evoke emotion to spark attention and fuel interest with your fanatical fans or brand champions. 

Here are a few questions to get us started:

What is the purpose of this design?
How does it connect to the larger mission and vision?
Who or what is competing in this space?
Do you have professionally designed branding elements like a logo, product shots or more?
What is your offer or call to action?
Who are your target customers?
What is the medium for placement?

Let’s have a conversation so we can learn more about you. We love to find the unique qualities within your organization and have a knack for promoting the ideas that simply go untold. 

Whether your design is to promote your company, generate customers, create awareness and educate or drive membership, we’ve built thousands of ads and images for nearly every medium. We know the difference.


Everyone needs a voice, especially your business. While design makes us feel good, professional content is the unsung hero and the last consideration in marketing and website development.

Words are power. From attracting more visitors to your website to making more sales, carefully crafted words quickly attract or repel and influence how people perceive your organization.

We have discovered that while most clients are really great at what they do, professional content writers who understand your industry are the best choice to craft and present your company communication across all marketing platforms and channels.

The emotional quotient (EQ) is paramount and equally important to great design and messaging. Keywords based on market competition will also influence your search rank and authority and there’s an art to keyword assimilation.

Our team of professional content writers will assist you with projects of all sizes from simple blog content, social media posts, advertisements, company catalogs, website content, direct mail pieces, scripts for TV commercials and videos and more!


Once the exclusive domain of TV spots, video has begun to dominate the web and has the power to influence – or go viral – like nothing else. It engages our senses and has the power to make us laugh and cry with shock and awe.

There’s no shame in creating quick videos to get a fast message out. Equally beneficial are professionally designed videos that evoke emotion, create impact and take you on a journey. Our team has directed and produced dozens of professional videos and TV commercials utilizing studios for animation, final editing and audio. We develop corporate and retail videos, educational series and customers testimonial videos. We shoot TV commercials and use stock footage as needed.

Video can feel very challenging for some clients who are a little shy in front of the camera. We can alleviate the tension through teleprompters and coaching. We also have access to talent to take your place when needed. Lighting is essential too! You will be shocked and amazed at how good your office and employees look with professional lighting. We can shoot in our studio or on location and will travel throughout Oregon, Washington and beyond to get the perfect shot. We offer professional head shot photos too!

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