Big data means big business

Let us help you turn the data you already have about your customers into strategic, automated marketing programs that increase sales and reduce unnecessary costs.

Imagine you sell sporting equipment online and in your brick and mortar store. You spend a lot of money advertising skiing equipment as the winter months draw near. Your customers see beautiful, colorful ads about your high quality skis on Facebook, in the margins of online articles they read, and even as video ads during commercial breaks from their favorite outdoor sport YouTuber.

Your campaign works just as planned and your sales of skis soar. But, you’re still paying to advertise skis to customers who have already bought skis.

These people aren’t likely to buy a second or third pair of skis, so spending money on advertising to them is a huge waste. But how do you know who has bought and who hasn’t? The same person might access your site and see your ads from a home computer, a work computer, a tablet, a smartphone… There’s no keeping track of who is who, much less who has already purchased.

Our revolutionary new software and tag management program will help you keep track of individuals across a myriad of different devices. Now you can stitch together their purchasing records, whether they bought online or in the store. Now you can stop spending money to advertise items they have already purchased. Instead, switch them to a campaign featuring skiing accessories.

Make all of your marketing efforts work in unison

Introducing the Mosaic Hub

  • Reduce marketing spend and increase conversion rates.
  • Over a thousand marketing platforms that communicate to one central location.
  • Unify disparate data and create an omni-channel. Unify information about your customers
  • Deep data integration with leading email marketing, automation, online advertising, retargeting, social platforms and customer relationship management software.
  • Consistent and connected experience; engage your customers across any device at any time.
  • Discover and target a diverse mix of audience segments; speak to them at the right time with the right message.
  • Define new profile attributes, discover content affinities, lead scoring, and track lifetime value.

In a survey of 182 companies using this technology…

Better campaign measurement
Improved campaign ROI
Increased revenue
Optimization during campaigns
Increased experimentation
Executive recognition and buy-in

Be on the cutting edge

Only a few dozen companies in the world have these capabilities. Will you be one of them?

See how we can make all your marketing efforts work in unison

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