Add Live Customer Service Chat to Your Site

Our marketing strategies and tactics can’t help but boost traffic to your website. Complete the marketing and sales cycle with live chat agents on your site, fully staffed and managed for you! Instantly assist online customers with questions, concerns, and technical issues so that nothing gets in the way of making a sale – or keeping an existing account.

 The benefits are immense:

  • Answer customer and prospect questions in real time!
  • Drive foot traffic to create new sales opportunities.
  • Protect your existing customers by answering important questions and resolve customer concerns or confusion.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell with personalized recommendations given to your customers by real human beings.
  • Gather feedback and requests from your audience and customers, which can guide future website development for even higher conversions.

On-site, live engagement and customer service managed for you.

Nothing to worry about, and everything to gain:

  • We provide trained customer service agents who will keep your website chat staffed during business hours.

  • Our trained chat operators are ready to start helping your customers immediately; no extra hiring or managing required on your part.

  • The chat is only displayed to customers when staff is on hand to talk with them, so your customers never have a bad experience of not getting a timely response to their engagement.

Your customer service chat will always be improving:

  • We’ll work with you and your sales and technical support staff to develop initial FAQ scripts and sales strategies.
  • Together, Marketing EQ’s team has decades of experience with customer service and technical support and can create highly effective playbooks for live online customer contact.
  • If there’s ever an inquiry and we don’t already have a prepared answer, we’ll work with you to find the answer and email it to the customer who asked it – then we will add that question and answer to the playbook.

All your FAQs and customer service scripts are YOURS:

  • The scripts we create for and with you are integrated directly into the chat service, so that all chat operators are working from the same book.
  • You will have access to these scripts at all times, whether you want to update or utilize them yourself.

Let us take you to the next level

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