Inbound marketing

Which social media outlets should your business be on?


Which social networks you choose to utilize as part of your social media marketing plan will largely depend on the audience you’re trying to reach, and even what kinds of content you want to post. Here’s a brief overview of your options to get you started.

Which social media outlets should your business be on?2019-04-10T13:12:21-08:00

The reasons to play the Facebook game


Facebook tends to be one of the hardest social media platforms to compete on, but with any social arena, you might start to ask yourself: is going to all this trouble (and potential expense) to produce “social” content worth it?

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Your business personality: inbound or outbound


Is your business an extrovert, who likes to be in front of a crowd, or an introvert, who likes to create the feeling of one on one conversations with prospects? There’s two main overarching categories of marketing. Most businesses use a blend of both, but will place the bulk of their budget and emphasis on one or the other. You can even think of it as having to do with the “personality” of your business.

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Winning the Facebook game


There's one way in which your goals and Facebook's goals align perfectly: You both want people to want to read and interact with the content you post. Realizing this is how you start to win the Facebook game.

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Understanding the Facebook game


Mastering the complex and changing rule-set that Facebook requires of businesses to gain visibility feels impossible! But you know what else has complicated rules and ever-changing environments that most of us still engage with enthusiastically? Video games.

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