Get Marketing Protection!

Do you get media solicitations that take too much of your time, make you feel pressured and leave you confused about real value?

Media and advertising reps will tell you the most optimistic scenario for their products performance in new customer acquisition. Their primary job is to capture the majority of your advertising budget. This one-sided perspective means that your business is at risk for over-spending and under-delivery for messaging.

Because of hard sell tactics and failed results, it’s common for business owners to deliberate long over products before making a decision, or, make no decision at all. Delays in company exposure mean active buyers may not see your business when they are ready to buy. What can this cost your company and what’s the solution?

A professional media planning service is your best marketing investment!

So many choices are available for business promotion. Marketing EQ will understand your business situation and apply industry and marketing best practices for optimal product performance and best value for your marketing investment.

The Marketing EQ Advantage

We are frequently solicited by media vendors and dedicate time to evaluate products and services. We get the same spiel you get, but we know which questions to ask as they relate to your unique business and budget. Our extensive media library of local, regional and national products is ever growing and updated frequently.

Client Experiences

One local dentist didn’t realize how much his advertising was costing him. Marketing EQ’s process of evaluation and recommendations saved his company $25k annually and increased his exposure 300%.

A local furniture store stopped spending money on advertising because there was no quantifiable return on investment. After following MEQ’s model, and implementing recommended creative ideas, the company gained confidence and control of its marketing. The client commented at project completion, “I see like you see”. This is an ideal outcome and typical of the results our customers receive.

Enlist Marketing EQ as your Agency of Record

Protect your valuable time and use The Marketing Shield. Simply refer all media reps to Marketing EQ and say “Call my advertising agency”.