When choosing keywords to target, there’s a strong element of strategy. We are looking for:

  1. Directly relevant keywords, that most likely indicate someone who wants to buy (or research) the product that you are specifically offering.
  2. A good balance of search volume vs. competition. The higher the competition, the longer it will take, the more effort it will require, and the higher the investment required to capture that market. This means that sometimes, if you are faced with a keyword that only gets 100 searches a month but for which the competition is extremely low, or a keyword that gets 10,000 searches a month but for which the competition is extremely high, it can make sense to go after the lower volume keyword first – you’ll almost immediately gain the attention of 100 new potential customers per month, whereas to get a portion of that 10,000 might take months and a hard fight.
  3. Keywords that can be easily and naturally worked into existing pages on your site, or keywords for which it would be easy to create new content (such as an FAQ or blog article.) If you have to shoe-horn your keyword in, you might rank higher in search engines, but your sales materials will be drastically less effective once people arrive on the page and your bounce rate (the number of people who look at one page then leave immediately) may go up.

Related keywords (such as for competing for brand names) can be targeted in a second or third round if desired, once you have captured more low-hanging fruit. For example, you might choose to create a comparison of your product to its competitors, in an effort to sway people who had only heard of a competing product previously. Just be aware that when someone is searching for a specific brand name rather than a general product or solution, they are more likely to have already made up their minds about their purchase decision, so only a portion of that audience is possible to sway no matter how good your arguments.

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