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It’s no longer business as usual. Get better insights to plan and predict your sales leads, and develop better sales funnels. We put the internet to work for you with better SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization, properly implemented, is worth its weight in gold in terms of web traffic and lead generation. Capturing attention online to reach specialized audiences, and remaining at the top of that search criteria is both a fascinating and worthy endeavor as long as you are willing to invest the resources to growing web traffic. While Advertising creates a single impression, organic SEO offers a compound effect for your search rank and improves over time.

Imagine if 1,000’s of companies, all in the same industry were standing in front of you with signs that said ‘Choose us’, it would be pretty hard to make a snap judgment about who’s best. With digital assets, we have the opportunity to create a hierarchy of communication that earns our way into the search engine’s favor and build a ‘quality score’ that creates our earned standing in search rank, creating more lead opportunities. Every customer and their competitive landscape are unique. Therefore, every client requires a bespoke solution. Cheap, cookie cutter programs are not going to provide you with the best long-term results.

There’s no shortcut to a highly-coveted and earned position in search. To compete at the top of search among large corporations is no small effort, especially given the massive advertising budgets they invest into search advertising which also supports search lift.

We can help you determine if this type of service is right for you, and show you can measure ROI. Request a free audit today.

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The benefits of Marketing EQ SEO are unparalled:

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Cost efficiency

If you buy an ad on Google, you pay every time someone clicks on it, whether they buy from you or not. But with organic (unpaid) site traffic gained through effective SEO, you are reaching customers first through your position. Plus, if your content is well-designed with the keywords and phrases that resonate with your priority audiences, your quality score will increase, reducing the cost per click and your campaign will receive more leads for every dollar spent. Without good onsite SEO, spending money on search ads will give you diminished results.

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Higher return on investment

With digital ads, the average conversion rate is 2%. With strategic SEO, the average conversion rate is 4%. If there are a thousand searches a day for your products or services, that’s roughly 60 leads a day you didn’t get yesterday, and it repeats every day! Plus, search engines will reward good, consistent communication and onsite SEO, so your site will grow in authority and relevance.

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People trust that the first organic listing in Google, Yahoo and Bing is a reputable company, perhaps the best in the category. They also tend to believe that the top search results contain the most reliable information. After all, why else would they show up at the top? With SEO, you can claim that spot and become the person to beat. If your SEO is good enough that your top tier listing includes a display of subpages right in the search results, you can gain credibility and visibility that supports your advertising and you can dominate the page!

Long-lasting results

Optimized pages remain optimized. You can continue to rank highly for optimized keywords for years after your investment into SEO. Depending on how thorough the optimizations and how motivated your competitors, your rank could theoretically be maintained forever. Add to this monthly blog content to keep new ideas and inspiration in front of your readers and there’s nothing stopping your brand!

Search engines report that when it comes to internet searches, 50-60% of clicks go to the first result. 91% of searchers don’t go past page one of the search results. Make sure you are on that first page, and then fight your way to the #1 spot!

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