Reliable Social Media & Inbound Marketing Methods

Access more audiences, and drive traffic to your website. How does 500% increase in website traffic growth year over year sound? It’s been done. 

Effective Social Media and Inbound marketing begins with a meaningful communication strategy.


Professional social and inbound methods, when performed consistently, can drive more leads to your website, over time, than advertising methods alone. Organic content also leaves a massive footprint of your business on the web with links back to your website. With advertising, once your budget is spent, the ads are gone for good.

Our clients enjoy spending less money on advertising through our organic content approach; publishing offsite, and pointing the content to the website creates access points to your business which are accessible by audiences everywhere. 

The search engines generously reward social and inbound practice too, as long as your content is informative, relevant, accurate, and consistent with website copy. This is the long-game strategy, and it works.

MEQ will work with you to develop an organic social and inbound strategy, based on original content, unique landing pages, data capture, form fills, and more.

You get to focus on all the amazing things you do every day, and we’ll get the word out.

A graphic depicting how different marketing channels can all feed back to your website

Most companies know that they need to publish regular blog articles, Facebook posts, “tweets”, LinkedIn updates, Instagram stories, YouTube videos, and more… but running social and inbound can be a full time job.

Marketing EQ offers professionally managed social media and inbound marketing services with:

  • A professional strategy
  • Multiple topics that are relevant to your readers
  • Regular posts to top channels
  • Original content
  • Professional design
  • Landing page development for tracking

We are glad to show you how it works. Request a Social Media Review meeting.

What can you expect with a social and inbound program?

Inbound marketing and social media may have a slow build (3-6 months, on average), but the long-term benefits are unbeatable: a well-executed inbound strategy can result in a stable stream of new leads for 2-3 years even after you stop publishing new content.

The more time you to invest into an inbound marketing strategy, the bigger the results. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

When we first created the first website for Pro World, we began to engage social to drive traffic to blog landing pages. One of the blogs was about re-polishing an airstream trailer. It was a huge project and massive transformation. Funny thing, the Facebook post drew the most traffic. We boosted it for $10, and it was the number 1 conversion link to the site for that month. In addition, Google My Business liked our posts and rewarded this account with thousands of referrals to the GMB page – that didn’t cost us a dime, but reaped massive traffic referrals to the business.  

Julie Gorham, Owner, MEQ

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