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Content for all services and mediums

Content is the most powerful tool in your brand toolkit. Every word and every unique story builds on every customer action. Done right, it will engage your best customers. When content is a mismatch and the customer’s intent is not satisfied, they will quickly go somewhere else. Our efforts will prevent this from happening. We will help you up-level your presence and be the top choice among competitors. Just ask our customers.

Content is engine that drives your communication

Content infused with the power of branding, emotion, and stone-cold data.

Content is the foundation of your marketing narratives, client connections, web content, social media messages, advertisements, sales materials and more. Get a content refresh and breathe new life into your marketing and sales initiatives! Branding is critical to content and helps to determine how we speak to your various target audiences as all audiences are not created equal. You may only get someone’s attention one time. Getting this right is imperative to capturing continuous market share and growing your fan base.

We met with three local marketing companies before choosing Marketing EQ. It was immediately apparent that the team here actually cared about our business and the impact they can make. Their knowledge and experience in marketing, branding, advertising, design and content creation has helped our new e-commerce company prepare for launch with a sustainable long-term marketing plan. – Deb Houston, artXibit
As we begin to create new content that better reflects your company’s truth and uniqueness, we will also perform our first round of “keyword research,” the starting point of SEO.
  • Our content process uses SEO (search engine optimization) to evaluate how audiences are engaging with your type of products or services.
  • Data sets that inform the process include company profile, sales and customer profiles, audience demographics, geographic parameters, industry research, client interviews and more.
  • Authentic content is created exclusively from the collection of insights we have received about your business.
  • Integration of high-value keywords, to increase the search engine optimization (SEO) of key pages creates more authority and relevance with the search engines.
  • Professional content improves calls-to-action, readability and cognition.

74% of companies indicate content marketing increases lead quality for their marketing teams. – Curata

Lead with uniqueness through bold, honest content
and make your most powerful impact.


Project Description
Location: Mouth of the Columbia River
Repair included import and placement of about 71,000 ton of riprap on the north jetty at the mouth of the Columbia River. Tapani Inc. purchased and used a 1200 Hitachi Excavator and had a custom built rock grapple for picking and setting the jetty rock. The objective of the project was to repair the jetty so that the ocean waves wouldn’t break a hole through it. To protect the river channel (for commerce), it was crucial to complete the project before the winter.

Completing the work before the coastal winter storms hit was crucial for this project. Also, finding enough jetty rock that met the rock specification to complete the project was a challenge.

Marketing EQ Rewrite

Project Description 
Severe winter storms pummel the coast annually, damaging the protective jetty at the mouth of the Columbia River. The jetty allows commercial ships to safely use the river channel year-round, despite inclement weather. The damage to the jetty had grown so severe that the Portland Corp. of Engineers was concerned that this would be the winter that the ocean waves would break a hole through the jetty, bringing a halt to river commerce. Tapani Inc. was hired to repair the jetty, importing and placing about 71,000 tons of riprap. To complete the project, Tapani purchased and used a 1200 Hitachi Excavator and had a custom built rock grapple for picking and setting the jetty rock.

Challenges overcome
It was crucial that all repairs be completed before winter closed in, to prevent further damage not just to the jetty, but to the local economy. Only natural rocks meeting a very particular set of specifications could be used effectively in the jetty, requiring creative sourcing and strong vendor relationships to import enough rock on time.

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