Get content infused with the power of branding, emotion, and stone-cold data.

While great content is well-crafted and thoughtfully planned, it feels like a warm hand shake before customers ever meet you. Ready to invite them in? We are.

Content breathes life into your digital presence, and gives customers a quick view into your world. Become the obvious choice in a sea of option with content by EQ.

If you are like 99% of our customers, you know what you want to say, but you just don’t have the time to craft it into the impeccable written word. We understand. Writing is hard. It requires extracting the most intimate details about your business, or products, or processes – so we can help others understand your unique difference.

A common phrase we use is this – The devil is in the details, and the angels are too. We are here to help you find them.

Digital Content – Website short and long form

If you need help creating website copy, specific landing pages to track your adverting, or blog copy, we are here to assist. We have written many hundreds of pages of website copy, blogs and landing pages and have a broad knowledge of subjects under our roof. Our customers help us to become subject matter experts too, and we spend a great deal of time in conversation, Q&A, and interviews.

We’ve got you, really, we do

One of MEQ’s oldest clients, who remains an active client today, struggled with a website revamp for two of their sites due to schedule demands and office closures due to recent pandemic. The project endured starts and stops over a two year period so we asked if we could take the helm. All the copy had to be revamped as programs changed and the original copy was over eight years old. With little input from the client, MEQ single-handedly managed the conversion – a demonstration in how well we understand our clients businesses.

When it comes to copy, there’s no stone unturned

The way we get content right is by understanding everything we possibly can about your business, market and customers. This is where we find the ‘diamonds in the rough’, so to speak. When we engage with out clients, we listen carefully for the unsung heroes of content – their expertise, casually expressed, which is the difference. It’s fun a fun process to experience, and even more beneficial when the client gets to see this copy refined and integrated throughout their marketing. We look forward to finding your precious moments.

The best information rolls off the tongue. EQ know which questions to ask to capture them.

A few of our methodologies

  • The methods we use for content writing are many. If we have a writing style, it would be considered lean, like writing for the media.
  • We utilize a story brand framework, where it’s needed, and consider all audiences, including the search engines!
  • Data sets that inform the process include company profile, sales and customer profiles, audience demographics, geographic parameters, industry research, client interviews and more.
  • Authentic content is created exclusively from the collection of insights we have received about your business.
  • Our website content process includes the integration of high-value keyword for search engine optimization (SEO) . This more authority and relevance with the search engines.
  • Professional content will improve calls-to-action, readability and cognition.

74% of companies indicate content marketing increases lead quality for their marketing teams. – Curata

Choosing Marketing EQ. It was immediately apparent that the team here actually cared about our business and the impact they can make. Their knowledge and experience in marketing, branding, advertising, design and content creation has helped our new e-commerce company prepare for launch with a sustainable long-term marketing plan.

Deb Houston, artXibit

We create content for ads, annual reports, brochures, books and publications, social media, presentations, video scripts, TV commercials, transit, billboard, menus, signage, apparel, and more.

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