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Our goal is to delight your senses with excellent communication and deliver it to your customers in ways they will naturally receive it. This is the art of EQ.

Your long-term success is our aim. We work in concert with your expectations, data, company branding, market conditions and customer needs. We convert this information into stunning and memorable marketing, websites and advertising results. This is the EQ Advantage

We manage communication and design projects for every format and medium, including: Website development, advertisements, signage, printed materials, email marketing, and more.

Together, our efforts will help you forge new customer relationships, build brand loyalty, and generate long-term, organic growth. Together, we can realize results for your marketing investment that you may have never experienced.

My business ideas with your strategy, content and design created enough power to move my business forward.

David Korniyenko, NW Home Builder Group

Top Marketing Services for High Performance

Creative & Design Services

Branding, Graphic Design & Creativity

Put your best look forward
In a digital world where options abound, through branding alone, trust can be established and lost within seconds. Brand gaps can make your brand look invisible to your best customers. But a recognizable and memorable brand that echoes your values and aligns with customers will stand apart from the competition. Professional branding demonstrates to your customer that quality matters too.

Improved customer acquisition
A great brand is subtle and never distracts. You may not be able to detect why something feels good, or repels you, but you know it when you see it. Colors, shapes, images, fonts, and style matter. We’ll help you to build a presence that is both undeniable and memorable. Not sure if you have gaps and need a little help? Ask for a free brand analysis

Customer Engagement

Content & Copy

The law of attraction
Clear and thoughtful communication creates a path your customers want to follow. Too much text is off-putting, too little feels like there’s not enough to make an informed decision. Just like dating, good copy will romance the reader into a deeper connection, one thought at a time. The investment into impeccable copy will create a competitive advantage for your business and support search engine optimization.

Cohesion in messaging
We will work with you to develop the highest value content to attract your best audiences. Coupled with our professional communication strategies, your copy will be migrated to all marketing, website and advertisings channels for cohesion. Plus, our organic approach is preferred by the search engines. Get a free 30-minute consultation

Customer Engagement


Making Better Connections
Once you have established professional branding, content and design, you’re ready to translate your top messages into advertisements. Combined, our team has over 50 years experience developing, creating and managing advertising projects and campaigns. Get more of the right customers, reduce waste, and extend your marketing investment with MEQ. We develop media plans you can implement and offer strategic planning too.

Formulas for Success
Whether you looking for digital, social, print, outdoor or transit, you will receive expert advice and guidance. We also offer a 7-touch and 11-touch direct mail and digital program that reaches a pre-defined, targeted list, and people who visit your website, all in one.

Customer Engagement

Website Development

Nailing the User Experience
We design, build, and manage professional WordPress websites. We will work with you to create a fresh, new design, and establish a communication strategy that will make sense to your users. Get our professional planning services so you understand the requirements before you begin. This will ensure a smooth process.

Technical Expertise
A site that is set up correctly will remain fast to load, and render correctly on all surfaces. One that is secure, regularly updated and properly maintained will have fewer headaches and better consistent performance. We understand what it takes to build a site that is primed for search and consistently performs. If you’re having problems with your existing website, we would be glad to help.

Marketing EQ offers bespoke services for small to large clients. Not sure what you need?

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