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It’s a lot of hard work to get marketing right. Some actions pan out and others, like advertising, produce no lasting results. How do you eliminate what feels like a never-ending cycle of hit and miss marketing and communication, and gain consistent and quantifiable marketing and sales results? We will help you uncover the missing links and leverage top discoveries for your greater gains.

My business ideas with your strategy and design created enough power to move my business forward. David Korniyenko, Owner/Developer, NW Home Builder Group

Excellence in written and visual communication will achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time. Consistency, over time, will deliver the greatest return on marketing spend. We will work with you to develop the right balance of actions for improved and sustainable results.

Your investment in marketing is no joke, and you stake your future on it. We take your investment seriously, and we stake our livelihood on it. Request our free Marketing EQ Process Graphic to see how EQ is a better way to build, plan and manage your marketing future.

Expedite the results you dream about, and the growth your company deserves, and let’s chat.

Our most popular services and the top 3 methods to get noticed first

Creative & Design Services

1. Branding + Design

Put your best brand forward
In a world where digital is king, trust is established or lost within seconds. A slow website, poor design, or missing and hard to find
information will cause people to “bounce” away quickly.

It’s a match!
Give your customers everything they need to know, like and remember you from first touch to the last interaction. Think of your brand as online dating where first impressions are often the last impression. When customers first meet you, it’s a match!

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Customer Engagement

2. Content Infrastructure

Pushing information pushes people away
A common mistake in marketing is too much information, and thinking the more you tell people about your business, the more sales you will create. This is considered a self-centered brand. Let’s make it all about the customer!

It’s all about them!
Identifying a communication strategy that endears you to your customers is the gift that keeps on giving to your business and customers. Since. People dictate search therefore, we must listen. Organic content is #1. and the right messages become music to the ear.

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Traditional & Digital Advertising

3. Mediums & Channels

Build bridges everywhere you grow
Communication is not a one way street; it’s a bridge that connects your customers to you. Create easy to follow paths that guide and direct your priority audiences to exactly what they want, every time.

The power of connection
Now you’re ready to get the right messages onto the right platforms! Our experts will deliver the right design and mess into websites, ads and social media. Your business will now becomes center stage with the right customers. You’ve arrived!

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