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Professional content development and copy creation

If you are like most of our clients, you know what you want to say, but you may not have the time to figure out how to say it. And, you might wonder what content customers use when searching for your products and services. These are valid concerns, and our top priorities when working with your content. You can count on our decades of experience and industry knowledge to write with your tone, in consideration of your audiences. 

Breathe life into your marketing communication with bespoke content to delight your customers. When your customers are looking at your business online or offline, the content we produce will build trust and credibility. We have written thousands of pages of content, copy points, web content, and documents for nearly every client we have served. 

Content writing for every platform, product and surface

From simple statements to comprehensive copy development, there is no limit to our content writing capabilities. Sometimes we get rough copy points from our clients, other times we get no copy at all. Regardless, every piece of content we develop for you is 100% bespoke and intended for the desired audience.

Types of content we create

Advertising copy, Annual Report Content, Book editing, Banner & event materials content, Brochure content, Bus/transit ad and OOH copy, Logo content, Blog copy, Branding statement Copy, Business card content, Display and digital ad copy, Direct mail content, Email content, Inspiration statement copy, Letterhead copy, Flyer/flier content, Magazine article content, Magazine ad content, Radio commercial scripts, Search ad copy, Signage copy, TV commercial scripts, Website copy, Print & electronic presentation content, Press release content, Video scripts, Website content, and more.

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Case Study

Clark County, Washington, is one of MEQ’s longest-standing clients, since 2011. The Clark County Building Safety Department produces excellence in social marketing to engage the private and public sector for everything related to Building Safety and Health. The original websites we produced for them in 2011 and 2012 became dated, and so much of the content and programs had changed. Promoting safe and healthy buildings to both the building community and homeowners was a top priority, but due to the pandemic in 2020, the project came to a halt. We asked the client if we could take the helm and build out the new website to move the project forward. The client agreed with this approach, since we worked with them from the inception of the Program, which included copy for their videos, slide shows, presentation materials, event materials and signage, three websites, and handouts for a national event.

With no additional input from the client, we began integrating two sites into one site, modified all of the copy, established a better user experience, updated all of the downloadable documents, created new illustrations, and added new photos, videos and graphics. MEQ single-handedly managed the conversion – a demonstration in how well we understand our clients businesses.

The original websites were first used as brochure sites for reference during educational events, with no goal to drive traffic to them. Once the conversion was complete, and the copy and design updated, the client began promoting the content, like the Homeowners Manual, and Contractor Services, at home shows and local events. In less than one year interest has grown – the site that had roughly 200 visitors per month now has roughly 12,000 visits per month. This is the power of professional content, design, and website development. 

Some people say the devil’s in the details, we say the angels are too. We’re here to find them – Julie G

Content Methodologies

The methods we use for content writing are many. Here are a few details surrounding how we approach content:

  • We utilize a story brand framework where it’s needed, and consider all audiences, including the search engines.
  • Data sets that inform the process are derived from our proprietary Marketing Process Funnel which are based on scientific marketing metrics. 
  • Authentic content is crafted from the collection of insights about your business, industry and markets.
  • We identify your unique strengths and establish a hierarchy of assertions. 
  • Our website content process includes the integration of high-value keyword for search engine optimization (SEO) for search authority and relevance.
  • MEQ generated content will improve readability, cognition, and calls to action.

74% of companies indicate content marketing increases lead quality for their marketing teams. – Curata

Choosing Marketing EQ. It was immediately apparent that the team here actually cared about our business and the impact they can make. Their knowledge and experience in marketing, branding, advertising, design and content creation has helped our new e-commerce company prepare for launch with a sustainable long-term marketing plan.

Deb Houston, Art by DJH

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