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The thing we love most is getting to know our clients and understanding their needs. It is through this thoughtful process that we discover the pathways to higher performance.

Core values and the value we deliver

Why hire us?

We’re a cost-efficient service provider that’s accurate with requirements and fast in delivery. You can expect reliable and consistent results.

What we believe in

We have developed a mindset of uncompromising quality – from first customer touch to sales acquisition. EQ means trust and transparency, and we back up assertions with facts. The Marketing EQ Process Funnel is a proprietary tool developed to reduce your risk and increase your results. It takes the guesswork out of planning and illuminates a clear path forward. What’s that worth to your company?

Every client receives white-glove service because we have honed our skills and tools into repeatable excellence. We are dedicated to process improvement. Communication excellence is the foundation for building an unstoppable brand with measurable growth.

You know your financial goals and what you expect to achieve – MEQ will help you find the shortest and most efficient path to get you there. The results may be surprising, and even unimaginable because we are dedicated to our craft. Your success is our success.

Graphic showing "world wide web" with a padlock
Graphic showing "world wide web" with a padlock

Invest wisely with EQ – fiscally responsible and budget-minded

Marketing EQ was created to help clients invest wisely in their marketing. When you work with us, we will assess your marketing and media mix to reveal gaps. Gaps are expensive and result in customer loss. Bad allocation blows out budgets and under-delivers results costing companies a fortune. Our methods reduce risk and create success for marketing investments. 

Early in her advertising career, EQ Owner, Julie Gorham worked in media sales. The biggest complaint she received from clients was under-performance from total ad spend. She worked with national accounts and ad agencies planning ad campaigns with research – demographics, psychographics, market data, and user data. media data, shopping behaviors, and more.  MEQ uses these methods too. This approach saves clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and delivers better results.

Like Market Equilibrium, where supply is in equal proportion to demand, resulting in little waste, Marketing Equilibrium (EQ) will measure the right balance of actions with the right investment to garner the best outcome. This effort reduces the potential for any loss.

We are marketing in balance.

Working Together

We value client relationships and enjoy the marketing experience with you

  • Expect professional communication from our team. We never go radio silent and we are highly responsive.
  • We do our best to provide a quick response to an urgent problem.
  • We plan effectively to keep your projects on track.
  • You will always receive our honest and expert recommendations for improvement. 
  • We are flexible and can adjust efforts as needed based on resources, requirements and time.
  • If gaps are present, we will inform you and the potential impacts to your marketing and advertising efforts.

Core Team

According to our clients, larger agencies are known to take longer to complete projects and apply massive resources with little transparency. They also report feeling frustrated that individual contractors can’t provide all the services they need; so they hire more of the same, but those people don’t talk among themselves, and the brand become further diluted. At MEQ, we like to think we’ve got a good thing going. We focus on fast and cost-efficient work… to rival teams many times our size.

Julie Gorham and Lee Hallett have been working together since 2011. Their strategic planning and creativity are integral to the company’s success, and to help more customers like you. While we are a distributed team, we’re glad to jump on a call with you to meet you and your team.

Julie Gorham

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Julie, the founder of Marketing EQ. In 1988, her career in advertising took off when she launched the first 24-hour real estate channel on TV in the US. She has worked on all sides of the advertising business – agency, media, and directly with clients. Her deep experience in research and media planning inform her strategic planning process today.

She has served local, regional and national clients for over 30 years in advertising, media, marketing, and sales. Her passion for excellence drives all company decisions.

In her spare time, Julie spends time outdoors or jamming out on her Ibanez, Taylor, and Breedlove guitars. She enjoys writing music, collaborating with Lee on new songs, and gigging with Ari when opportunities arise.

Lee Hallett

Creative Director

Meet Lee, the chief designer and branding expert who leads the charge on all thing creative, web and video. He has a fine arts background and creates powerful imagery that never distracts and always delights.

His design expertise knows no limitations, and he loves to push the limit on innovative ideas. He has been with MEQ since 2011 and has created bodies of work for dozens of clients.

Lee has spent most of his life producing music and videos professionally, and as a hobby.  He collaborates with Julie on shared music projects (often advising her), and he supports and advises up-and-coming musicians.

Jamia Cox

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Jamia, the driving force behind Marketing EQ’s operational excellence. Armed with a Business degree and nearly a decade of growing startups, her efforts fuel efficiency and propel growth. From optimizing client interactions to streamlining internal processes, she ensures that every facet of the company operates seamlessly. 

Beyond work, Jamia finds inspiration in nature. Whether she’s trekking through the wilderness with her loyal canine companions, or capturing the beauty of the outdoors on canvas, she finds peace and rejuvenation in nature’s embrace. 

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