Why work with us?

We believe in uncompromising quality from first customer touch through customer acquisition to create improved engagement and adoption. Communication excellence is the foundation for organic growth, where every action becomes a pillar of strength in your marketing foundation.

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What does Marketing EQ mean?

Financial responsibility is at the core of everything we do. Like Market Equilibrium, where supply is in equal proportion to demand, Marketing Equilibrium (EQ) is the reduction of inefficiencies and application of best practices for maximum yield. These actions reduce costs and result in marketing balance – EQ. Are you certain your marketing investment is commensurate with your sales and profits? If the numbers are upside down you will realize diminished profits and advertising overspend. We can help you achieve your goals set a reasonable marketing budget.

What you can expect

  • Your interest is at the forefront of everything we do.
  • You will always receive our best recommendations for improvement. We are flexible too, and adjust efforts as needed based on resources and time.
  • Identifying gaps in written or visual communication is necessary as they disconnect you from your audiences, cost money, and result in customer loss. Customers have so many choices and it’s difficult to gain customers back once you’ve lost them. Let’ prevent that from happening!
  • Research and discovery are important for us to gain a 360-degree view of your business. We see with your eyes, and we will help you see with ours. Our insights together strengthen all efforts.
  • Through consultation, our clients report seeing their business, marketing or advertising in a new light. Our practices illuminate a clear path forward.

Who we are

What we share in common is our unwavering dedication to the outcome of your success. We seek to delight you and will take the time that is needed to understand critical variables. We embrace constraints along with the opportunities. As your marketing needs grow, so will our resources to assist you. Our key team members include:

Julie Gorham
Julie GorhamMarketing Architect

Julie is the founder of Marketing EQ. She began her career in advertising in 1988 and developed the first 24-hour real estate TV channel in the US with KBL-Com. As a national account manager in TV, she worked with ad agencies developing media plans with high efficiencies. She is the senior project manager, strategist and creative director for Marketing EQ. She is also the senior copywriter for branding development, adverts, event and collateral materials, email marketing, websites and PR.

Lee Hallet
Lee HalletSenior Branding Specialist

Lee has worked closely with Julie since 2010 to delight customers of every type with branding, logo design, print media, and website design. He understands the psychology of color and design to create maximum impact without distraction. His creativity is off the charts, and he often rapidly translates ideas to stunning visuals. He understands how to translate designs into user experience (UX) for customer engagement. Lee heads up our book publishing and design.

Kristin Kodenski
Kristin KodenskiSenior Graphic Designer & Ad Specialties

Kristin is an expert graphic designer and graphics lead with extensive print and digital experience. She blends an artistic eye with a strategic sensibility and takes on complex projects with ease. Whether you need a complete training manual, signage, business cards, digital and HTML ads, or infographics, she manages all projects with efficiency and care. Kristin also runs our social media programs and is in charge of ad specialties and clothing.

Kathy Presto
Kathy PrestoSEO Manager

Kathy has 5+ years developing and implementing effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies including Google Ads. She evaluates effective off-site and on-site strategies for clients. Kathy also works in pre-production planning to prepare for onsite and offsite content. She is instrumental in campaign planning and works on social media, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and more. Kathy is responsible for setting up campaigns and managing reporting on performance.

Esther Pisano
Esther PisanoApprentice & Web Developer

Esther works with Julie at MEQ to manage day-to-day operations and web management. She is currently enrolled at Clark College in the web development program and will graduate in 2022. Her energy, smarts, and warmth make her a beacon of light at MEQ. She is effectively working to update and secure websites in a continuous improvement environment. She’s also learning the ropes of offsite SEO to complement our on-site strategies.

Our top services

Traditional & Digital Advertising


Are you certain your advertising plan delivers the right efficiency to maximize your investment? Mix it up with online and offline. We build smart and relevant plans for every size.

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Creative & Design Services

Branding and logo design

Fine-tuning your business’ brand is a game changer that can lead to greater ROI for every marketing investment you make thereafter.

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Creative & Design Services

Creative & Design Services

Whether you need a simple ad or complex company catalogs and digital designs, Marketing EQ graphic designers are experts.

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing

Blogging? Social media? Focus on your core work and enjoy the bounty of a sustainable online presence. Great inbound services create the largest online footprint.

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Customer Engagement

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Outrank your competition and be seen by more qualified potential clients, customers, and leads without having to pay per click.

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Web Design & Development

Web design & development

Your online goals are achievable with a thoughtfully planned website. A robust strategy, content that matters and a design that’s memorable – done!

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Wordpress Security

Website care and security

Keep hackers from breaking in, stealing your data and destroying your website. Get a mighty hosting, maintenance, and security package. Protect your clients, your reputation and your business.

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