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The EQ difference

You believe in uncompromising truth. We believe that’s a game changer and the reason we will help you fight for market share. Domination is overrated, and thoughtful interactions create loyalty – which is where we stand.  Share your vision with us, and you will receive honest professional marketing recommendations.

Since 1988, we have developed communication strategies for national organizations, government agencies, and the private sector. There’s no job too big or project too small we aren’t willing to tackle, as long as customer interest comes first…and we mean that. 

Marketing EQ is a team of experts who value time and know how to use it. We embrace complexities and assimilate mass data which is necessary to understand the complete picture. We believe your most important investment you can make is information infrastructure. We are dedicated to quality communication which means strategy and process are required formalities to give you an impeccable outcome.

Marketing EQ was born out of the needs and requests of many small businesses to achieve marketing balance. Market Equilibrium in retail means supply is in equal proportion to demand so there is neither loss nor waste. Marketing EQ means weighing all the factors between facts and figures, opportunities and constraints, and knowing where to draw the line. We all have them, but it’s how we use them that matters. We will help you create a premier presence with the most modest budget to sustain your growth. That’s our unique difference and promise! 

We are defenders of best practices, creators of smart solutions and avid audience builders. We are authentically and transparently marketing in balance.  We can’t wait to hear what’s new for you and how we can help.

How can we help with Marketing?

  • We are a strategic alliance to help you navigate a unique marketing path
  • If doing it all yourself is your style, we offer consulting to keep you moving forward
  • We have a strong creative and design team for every graphics project, small or large
  • Strategic communication for every medium, audience, and industry
  • Best-in-class website development, maintenance, hosting and security
  • Smart digital services like SEO and inbound marketing to make a lasting footprint on the web
  • Advertising that utilizes both human intelligence and machine learning to make quick campaign adjustments
  • Turn-key design to printing and signage services with manufactures local and abroad that deliver high quality and value

Who we are

We are a team of geeks who delight in solving puzzles. We possess a keen ability to create new opportunities and are never intimidated by constraints.
As your marketing needs grow, so will our resources to assist you. Technology and talent make us nimble, and we delight in creating sustainable solutions for long-term growth. Let’s work together!

Julie Gorham
Julie GorhamMarketing Architect
Julie is the founder of Marketing EQ. She started her career in 1988 and developed the first 24-hour real estate TV channel in the US with KBL-Com. As a national account manager in TV, she worked with ad agencies developing plans with high efficiencies. She is the senior project manager, strategist and creative director for Marketing EQ. She works on the front lines with clients and develops strategic communication through research and planning.
Brent Zupp
Brent ZuppWebsite Development & Administration
Brent is our website developer who began his career as a website content administrator in 2005 at IBM. While there he implemented and managed a variety of content management solutions for websites within his department. His passion is website user experience (UX) and the development of stable website solutions to complex problems. He enjoys and is adept at working directly with clients and believes in customer education and transparency.
Calin Mox
Calin MoxProject & Client Support
Calin is a valuable member of our internal team and integral to production management. She is quick on her feet, works closely with Julie in operations and can navigate digital like a ninja. She applies her excellent communication skills in writing blog and social content and is skilled in social media management and campaign development. We enjoy her positive and upbeat attitude, and so do our clients!
Lee Hallet
Lee HalletSenior Branding Specialist
Lee has worked closely with Julie since 2010 to delight customers of every type with branding, logo design, print media, and website design. He understands the psychology of color and design to create maximum impact without distraction. His creativity is off the charts, and he often rapidly translates ideas to stunning visuals. He understands how to translate designs into user experience (UX) for customer engagement
Kristin Kodenski
Kristin KodenskiSenior Graphic Designer & Ad Specialties
Kristin is an expert graphic designer and graphics lead with extensive print and digital experience. She blends an artistic eye with a strategic sensibility and takes on complex projects with ease. Whether you need a complete training manual, signage, business cards, digital and HTML ads, or infographics, she manages all projects with efficiency and care.

By the numbers

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