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A high-quality, professional brand design is key to attracting the right audiences

Great branding and design establish professionalism and personality with your priority customers. We work diligently to elevate your brand and set you apart. Branding is the foundation of marketing communication and helps to build top recognition. 

Defining a professional brand you are passionate about and most importantly resonates with your customers will serve your business for the long term. It is a value that is multiplied over every marketing action for years to come. Every design we initiate is bespoke and hand-crafted, within a fine arts framework.

When your brand design looks irresistible to your customers, and you assert thoughtful communication at all levels, brand loyalty grows. Prestige brands are built around quality design, clear communication, well-designed products, and great customer service – these naturally command better pricing for products and services. Our services are dedicated to those who make the commitment to excellence in communication. This is where it begins. 

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The imperatives for great branding

Branding guidelines are used to identify the components of your brand – logo, logo usage, fonts, color sets, language rules and usage, branding statements, values, mission and vision, unique selling proposition, pillar words, and more.  This is how we achieve brand cohesion in all of your designs and messaging. This creates a high level of quality and consistency that is required for marketing success. Branding guidelines are provided to you digitally so you can send them, along with your brand assets, to your vendors and marketing partners.

A few selected pages from the Section 30 Materials brand guidelines

Logo Design and Redevelopment

A professionally designed logo can speak volumes for your brand and set the stage for customer perception. This is where it all begins. The style, colors, fort, layout, look and feel should be in alignment with your values and attractive to your core audiences. Not sure how to create a design you love? Part of the challenge is that a logo should be visible and readable in a one-inch to two-inch block, and it’s a very small image – there’s only so much you can do. Regardless, we know how to distill your values into your most important marketing asset. We’ve created a simple form to get the conversation started. Ask us for the Aesthetic Evaluation here. 


Professional design increases the company value

Professional Design & Creative Services

While a logo and branding guidelines lay the foundation for the look and feel, professional design for your marketing, advertising, web and printed materials is equally important to compliment the brand elements. For new businesses, this is much easier because we get to build as we go. For organizations rebranding, we can start with one new initiative, and eventually, over time, we can make adjustments to existing materials for total brand cohesion. We often assist our clients in prioritization too.

Marketing services don’t live in separate siles. Instead, they work together to increase your brand equity – this includes communication and content.

How we work

Please request to receive our formal Process Model Funnel to understand the hierarchy of actions we implement for every brand. This is the highest value of actions to take so the assets we create will be precise and fast to market. We never waste time, and we aim to get it right the first time.

  • Want to charge more for your products or services?
  • Want to attract a higher caliber of client?
  • Want to create more loyalty with your existing customers?
  • Want an easier time closing potential sales?
  • Want your customers to refer more people to you, more often?

Big brands have proven with thousands of well crafted studies: design has a major impact on consumers’ behaviors, and can lead to all of the above — or tank it for you. Having a strong brand is a foundational step in shoring up and enhancing the overall value of your business, supporting all of your efforts to provide a better product or service.

Did you know successful companies invest at least 10% of their total or projected revenue to get branding right?

Branding and professional design protect your bottom line

It takes a minimum of 20 exposures for a person to form a conscious impression of a brand. If your brand is inconsistent, that number goes up to 30, 40 or higher, and the impression that they eventually form of you is more likely to be negative. Inconsistency feels unprofessional, sometimes even untrustworthy.

That means that a company with an undefined brand spends more on marketing for lesser results. 

How can we help?

From our blog: information about business branding

What is branding, anyway?

In general, "branding" is everything that you do to establish an image of your company in your customers' minds (and hearts!) This can include your logo, your company's written "voice," and even details like how you train your service staff to interact with customers.

The fate in our designs

If you're having trouble deciding about a design or brand, it may be because you haven't clarified the audience or the goals of the design in enough specificity. If the goal is simply to look nice, you're likely to end up in the land of conflicting personal opinions. For whom is it mean to "look nice," and why?

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