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A high-quality, professional brand is key to attracting the right audiences. Give your business the gift it deserves, so others can fall in love with it too.

Building a successful brand – Become a beacon

Why is brand development or brand design so important?

Branding is a subtle art which contains the key building blocks that form your identity. It’s how you convey your values and character to your customers and clients.

Crafted correctly for your business, brand design makes you instantly recognizable – a trustworthy beacon to which people are drawn.

“Ferociously competent? Friendly and approachable? A good logo speaks volumes at a glance..” – Lee Hallett.

“Yes, MEQ branding is a thoughtful and complex process of fine arts and science informed by research and analysis.” – Julie Gorham

We have decades of experience helping clients of all sizes, from governmental and corporate, to new and burgeoning small businesses. We’ll get to know you, and your goals so we can become a powerful extension within your arsenal. We build and design from the ground up, and can seamlessly merge with your existing creative assets and identity. We offer extensive consultation services too to help ensure your targets are met, first time.

What does working with us look like? Review. Decide. Results.

We look forward to becoming the partner you didn’t know you needed.

Logo design and logo redevelopment 

Start with the cornerstone

A logo is the first building block of your marketing foundation. A professionally designed logo will create an instant impression and set expectations with customers.  

Frequently, logo designs fails because they miss the mark on the key objectives – your values and perceptions combined with customer wants and needs. Our branding process informs logo development which is often why we ‘get it right the first time.’

Every design by MEQ is hand-crafted and 100% bespoke. Your logo design will never look like a stock image.

A logo is the hardest working piece of design you’ll ever commission. It has to wear a lot of hats, cover a lot of ground and say as much as possible in the smallest space.

It’s where shapes, icons, colors and fonts all combine to say more than it’s parts alone.

Don’t be vanilla… Be choc-chip, be tutti-frutti

The good thing about Vanilla ice cream is that nobody hates it. The bad thing about Vanilla ice cream is nobody loves it. I’d rather try and create something that some people love at the expense of a few people disliking it rather than have a bland, middle of the road, design that doesn’t stir emotions either way. It’s better to take a bold swing and create something great, than aim for mediocrity. – Lee Hallett


Logo marks make indelible impressions and create brand loyalty – so much so that people wear them on their chests and hats, and even get tattoos. Logo marks become your silent salesperson traveling with its chosen tribe wherever it goes, becoming a part of the experience. Well-crafted logos represent a value, an idea, a belief. What could a memorable logo do for your business?

Brand elements, branding guidelines, and branded images

Logo development is one of most important tools in your toolkit, but there’s much more. MEQ will work with you to identify all the facets of your company identification and transform them into show-stopping design, images, and brand elements.

After the full branding process is complete, you will receive Branding Guidelines. This is a document to ensure compliance in usage by your sales people, partners and vendors. This document often grows over time and may need to be refreshed annually.

Brand consistency is paramount

When your branding elements and images are correctly represented in all of your communications, impressions build, one upon another, creating a compound effect. This results in a memorable brand. Likewise, Branding inconsistency erodes customer trust and feel uncertain.  

  • Branding guidelines can be as complex or simple as is needed, depending on the amount of assets your company uses or needs.
  • Branding guidelines typically include logos, logo usage, fonts and usage, color sets, writing style, language and tone, writing rules, key assertions, values, mission and vision statements, unique selling propositions, pillar words, and key concepts. 

No matter what you need, our brand designs will hit the ground running and help you maintain your stride.

On average it takes a minimum of 20 exposures for a person to form a conscious impression of a brand. If your brand is inconsistent, that number goes up to 30, 40 or higher, and the impression that they eventually form of you is more likely to be negative. Inconsistency feels unprofessional, sometimes even untrustworthy. Let’s get your branding right.

What do many clients do after they create a new brand? They get a new website. Learn more about a professionally designed and developed WordPress website. and give our brand new life!

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