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Why is video so expensive?

Why is video so expensive?

Why is professional video so expensive, one client asks? The short answer is - the variables are immense, and there are many processes that require expertise. For world-class videos reaching a wide audience, long-form videos that are educational, and content and...

Preparing to adopt new marketing technology

Preparing to adopt new marketing technology

Companies recognize that in order to keep up, they need more tools and expertise to create unique customer journey’s and measure ad and marketing performance. With over 4,000 software choices on the market and more emerging daily, it can feel pretty overwhelming.

What is branding, anyway?

What is branding, anyway?

In general, “branding” is everything that you do to establish an image of your company in your customers’ minds (and hearts!) This can include your logo, your company’s written “voice,” and even details like how you train your service staff to interact with customers.

What is password hygiene and why does it matter?

There’s lots of things that can be done to keep your passwords from ending up in the wrong hands, but no one else can do them for you or for your employees. When it comes to protecting the keys to the kingdom, security is everyone’s job. Here’s a few simple rules to live by to keep yourself (and your business) safe online.

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