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Get professional graphic design services that deliver quick and accurate results. From creative planning and content, to graphic design and printing, our turn-key services will make short work of your project. This saves you money and time.

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Our 3-Pronged Approach to Creative & Design Projects

Graphic Design

How we approach your creative or graphic design project

1. Discovery – what is the purpose of the design

2. Understanding your audience(s) for this design

3. Gathering all available design assets to evaluate usability and quality

4. Obtain or establish brand guidelines

5. Evaluate existing bodies of work for brand compliance

6. Discuss areas of improvement from past work

Types of Graphic Projects we create

1. Advertisements
2. Brochures
3. Letterhead and business cards
4. Event Materials
5. Folders
6. Signage – building, event, vehicle
7. Banners
8. Promotional Items
9. Website Designs
10. Infographics
11. Social Media Posts

We have over 80 years of combined professional design services.

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Content is the foundation of all design projects. Without content, it’s difficult to plan any design project, whether for a website or company brochure. Our clients take advantage of our deep experience with content. Nearly every project we work on contains original content developed by MEQ.

We take understanding our clients seriously, so we get it right the first time.

Before we begin, we take a 360-degree review of your business, customers, markets and products/services. Our strategic planning will assist with top considerations like calls-to-action and offers, as well as duration of offers, where they are actionable for tracking purposes and more. For digital content our aim is to satisfying the search engines and your customers. Top keywords searched by your customers are important too. We take all of this into consideration for every design project.

Julie is the senior content writer and has been writing copy since 1988. We have several writers who write blogs and social media posts, and several editors to proofread our work too.

We write copy for every form of communication , including websites, advertisements and printed materials.

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Graphics & Images

Branding guidelines are imperative to creating brand cohesion, including a professionally designed logo. If we encounter low-quality imagery, we may ask for higher resolution files, or suggest we recreate them.

If you have a professional design and professionally written content, but imagery is poor – it’s a mismatch and impacts your overall brand perception.

We will utilize stock photography when needed, and will shoot photos when needed . We have professional equipment and lighting and will shoot onsite when needed.

Lee is our senior creative director and will generate anything needed for any design project:

  • Logos
  • Custom graphics
  • Charts
  • Infographics
  • Website Design
  • Print & Collateral Design
  • Event Materials
  • Social Posts
  • Advertisements

Our team has produced 1,000’s of designs, including TV commercials and videos. Whatever you need, we will deliver an impeccable result, guaranteed.

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Want to test out a new idea? Have a new product but don’t know how to promote it? Perhaps you have been promoting your business but are not gaining traction. We’ll give you first impressions and a professional perspective.

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