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Get professional creative and graphic designs crafted right, the first time. We deliver WOW! Are you ready?

We have created thousands of designs – Advertising designs, Apparel designs, Billboard designs, Book designs, Bus/Transit designs, Business Card designs, Car Magnet designs, Direct Mail designs, Door Hanger designs, Event Material designs, Floor Mat designs, Flyer designs, Infographic designs, Lapel Pin designs, Line Card designs, Logo designs, Pen designs, Portfolio designs, Presentation designs, Publication designs, Signage designs, Social Media designs, Sticker designs, Table-topper designs, TV Commercial designs, Vehicle Wrap designs, Video & Slide Show designs, Website designs, and more, made for customers just like you! We can’t wait to start a project for you.

Graphic Design Planning and Preparation

Every client is unique, and every project is different. You can expect the highest level of detail and thoughtfulness in developing professional graphics. Here’s how we approach new projects:

1. Meet with you in person, online, or on the phone to discuss your project.
2. Learn about your expectations for the project.
3. Review existing materials related to this project.
4. Identify or evaluate the audiences for whom the design is intended.
6. Evaluate size, quality and usability of existing assets
7. Obtain creative assets and design specifications. If you don’t have any, that’s OK. We make this stuff.
8. Determine all the requirements for the project
9. Discuss your budget and timelines for the project.
10. Provide a quote.

How does that sound? Let us know if there’s anything else on your mind.

Together, our team has over 80 years of combined professional design and creative experience.

Before we enlisted your design services, we really struggled with a product the company was proud to present. Now, we have a variety of professional presentation materials and the owners are asking for more services. Even though your prices are a bit higher, we love the results. You’re making my job a lot easier. Thanks!

Tristin, SERVPRO NW Portland

Copywriting, Design’s Companion

Why is content listed on the design page? Content is often an afterthought in design and graphic projects, but it’s the first requirement in order to initiate on design. Without content, it’s difficult to plan any design project, whether for a website or company brochure. Our clients take advantage of our deep experience with content. Nearly every design project we touch contains original content crafted or edited by MEQ. Get expert content writing services to compliment your graphic arts project.

Create a World-Class Presence

Naturally, our goal it to ignite your design with the impact and power of great branding. Let’s transform your vision into new level of ‘Wow!’ so you can reap long-term dividends, year after year. We offer professional photography services too.

Whatever you need, we will deliver an impeccable result, guaranteed.

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