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Effective advertising has only grown more complex. With so many options it’s hard to know what will move the needle for you. 

Luckily we have several plans depending on your needs, goals and budget.

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Print or Digital?

Extensive data shows customers get the best bang-for-buck with a combined strategy. Get our knockout 1-2 combo!

What advertising services should you use? 

So many businesses struggle to know which ads to buy and what ad services should be combined for maximum impact. Could you be spending more than you need too? Are you spending in the right places? This is a chronic problem that plagues businesses in every industry. 

MEQ’s data-driven methodologies take the guess work out of the equation. Numbers don’t lie, and we’ll show you. Our experience spans three decades from 1988 planning TV and radio campaigns, to direct mail and print marketing. We use the the latest digital strategies and manage a display side platform (DSP) in-house. No outsourcing to third-party vendors! 

The Design Factor

It’s not just what ads to choose, it’s the dozens of other considerations like design, content, offers, calls to action, landing pages, and more we consider. Our work speaks the right message to your customers. We can write and record adverts, and deliver engaging physical media to deliver your message. Nothing lives in a silo. It’s all connected, and it all matters 

Print media is alive & well

Despite recent reports of the demise of traditional print media we’re pleased to announce it’s thriving and serving a unique role in your marketing toolkit.

There’s nothing quite as immediate as being able to hand promotional material to a potential prospect in a face-to-face meeting.

Direct Mailers are still also testing well in investment/return metrics. Return on ad spend (ROAS) remains strong!

Traditional tools with modern technologies 

From simple to complex messaging, traditional advertising still serves as a powerful workhorse for exposure, engagment and education.

Direct Mail Advertising

Reaching your customers with printed materials

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Direct mail is a viable way to reach your customers, but it has a significantly higher cost per 1,000 people reached than digital display. That said, it can stand out from the competition, and if the offer is good enough, it can create immediate results. If the customer is interested, but not ready to buy, they can hold on to the mailer. We create, plan, design and implement direct mail campaigns.

Email Marketing

Reach customers with exclusive content to inform and re-engage

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Email marketing is ideal for warm leads, existing customers, and those who have permitted you to send messages. Email marketing, correctly implemented, will provide real value to readers. We adhere to canned spam laws to protect your business and keep readers engaged. We create, plan, design, and implement email marketing campaigns.

Radio Advertising

Digital and Terrestrial – Radio is viable

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Less watching, more doing: as of March 2023, AM/FM radio listenership surpassed TV viewership for the first time in history among the 14-to-49-year-old age demographic (Nielsen).” It performs well in smaller markets in particular, where local stations have more community involvement. Larger DMA’s have more choices, reach more people, and therefore have higher costs. We know how to plan and buy stations and create stellar radio scripts.

TV Advertising – CTV | OTT | Linear

Reach customers with the best of sight, graphics and sound.

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CTV and OTT advertising captures people while they are consuming entertainment. TV remains very affordable and the standard view rate is 85%. Access your ideal prospective customer based on demographic and behavioral data in specific zip codes. We know how to plan and buy TV, and we create affordable and effective TV ads.

Let’s find your perfect customer

Gone are the days of scattershot advertising, hoping you get a hit. We have the tools to target specific users – matched to your ideal customers demographics. Whether it’s a physical location, event, website visit or even a competitor’s venue, we can deliver your message to their hands directly…

Display + Behavioral Advertising

Programmatic Advertising with Behavioral Demographic, Lifestyle & Intent and Granular Focus Data

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Access consumers on the display network through their mobile devices, audio device, desktop, and connected TV. Define your audience and access them where they are for effective reach. You can set more granular parameters, like the geographic service areas by cities, counties, or zip code.

Geofencing Advertising

Event & location-based Display Ads

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Serve ads to people in a very specific location. Accuracy is within 1 meter of the pinpointed coordinate and creates a virtual boundary that triggers a response whenever a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. Serve ads to prospective customers surrounding your competitor’s location too. 3 our of 4 consumers complete an action after receiving a message when approaching a specific location.

CRM Display Advertising

Reach customers who have purchased from you before.

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Serve display ads to your existing customers using your existing address list. Give your customers exclusive offers and reward their loyalty. You must have over 1,000 contacts to utilize this approach and 5,000 is better. You an control how many messages per day, and the length of the campaign.

Website Visitor Retargeting Advertising

Programmatic Advertising using Display Ads to Website Visitors

More details

Reach the people who have already visited your website and show an interest in your business. Give site visitors exclusive offers and invite them back to your website to take additional actions. Prerequisite: This requires utilizing programmatic ads first to drive traffic to the site. It its not a stand-alone service.

What we create 

Publishers & Platforms

Billboard and OOH Advertising

CRM Advertising

Direct Mail Advertising

Display DSP (in-house)

Email Advertising

Flyers & Door Hangers

Geofencing Advertising

Magazine – Print & Digital

TV Advertising

Radio Advertising

Search Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Trade Publication Advertising

Transit Advertising

Video Advertising

Who we serve 


Automotive Services

Building Services

Construction & Real Estate Development

Dentistry Advertising

Educational & Government

Home Furnishings & Retail

Human Resources


Medical Products

Professional Services & B2B

Real Estate & Mortgage

Retirement Community & Housing

Technology & IT

Travel, Arts and Restaurant

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