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How digital and traditional methods together generated new sales

When the client bought the first of five business – RV Pro, his request was to create a new website. The old site was outdated and didn’t represent the current services. Once the site was built we needed a way to drive traffic to the website and generate immediate revenue. In our discovery process we learned not one marketing message was sent out to a database of over 5,000 customers.

We crafted a direct mail piece introducing the new owner and his team, revealed new services,  and provided several offers. The direct mail was placed in a 9″x12″ envelope with hand-written addresses, and hand-stamped for a personal touch.  During the transition, it was important to demonstrate personal care. This marketing piece drove folks to the website which revealed a new, professional, modern look, and all of the available services, This campaign proved to be a huge success and created over $50k in revenue in the first month. The campaign was $5k investment.


The value of a professional brand – numbers don’t lie

MEQ worked with Pro RV to package all of their services and promotions which grew over time. We also developed branding and marketing conversions for all five business acquisitions in the Pro World Family of Businesses. Here’s a small snapshot: from 2020-22, revenue grew from 9% to 23%. 

Web traffic continues to grow month over month. When we took over old sites and converted them to the new look, SEO reports and analytics identified about 1,000 – 1,500 site visitors per month for each location. Now traffic is over 20,000 site visitors per month for all locations. That’s 500% growth, effective 1/13/24. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the business acquisition and conversion process for this savvy investor. We have enjoyed working with the owner on transforming the businesses from their worn and tired look into a powerful two-state RV repair powerhouse. We value our ongoing relationship with Pro World and being a witness to seeing company valuations climb. 

Check out some of the designs, below, from branding and ads, to branded clothing. 


What I really appreciate about Marketing EQ is the level of ownership and accountability they take for their efforts. They had to deal with some tough challenges too during our business acquisitions and chased down a ton of credentials for web and social. They created two stages of branding to include a look in between the old and new businesses to preserve customer and employee confidence.

Their very first promotion for us in 2019 gave us a 900% return on investment in only one week, and that’s what I could count on one hand. That tool was indispensable for selling additional services to our customers. – Mike Montgomery, Owner, Pro World Industries. 

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