Privacy & Security

Marketing EQ LLC takes your privacy seriously.


Thank you for entrusting Marketing EQ with your business assets to grow your marketing and web presence. You can count on us to maintain the highest security standards when working with your website, cloud storage, CRM, data, merchant accounts and/or other technology. Your private, proprietary information will remain confidential by every member of our team. Each team member must sign an Asset and confidentiality agreement which states any information related to your business, including trade secrets, financial data, competitive advantages, or any other data is to be held in the strictest confidence.

Data capture on our website

We only use this information to:

  1. Respond to and process requests
  2. Keep you up-to-date on important and new information as requested
  3. Share communication that you have opted into

Other Servers

If you utilize our hosting to house your website, all systems are in place to protect your company data from security vulnerabilities, thus protecting your online assets. We will make recommendations from time to time, which are necessary for the protection of your site, so it will remain secure. We will also ask you to help us help you when we ask you to take your security and password hygiene seriously. We can’t guarantee zero incidents, but if you follow our recommendations and best practices, your site will remain properly secured.

Any sensitive data we house on your behalf, like passwords and logins to your website, are locked down with triple encryption. Your data will never fall through the cracks or get in the hands of hackers. We will never compromise your security by sharing emails or sensitive information like passwords.

We will share newly completed, public-facing marketing materials, like business cards, or logos and brochures with our partners, vendors or future clients to demonstrate our quality of work. Where appropriate, we will also tell the world how awesome you are on our social channels to give your newly completed campaigns added boost. We also promote our clients to other clients, where appropriate, because we only work with awesome people and companies and our clients may be looking for what you offer. We welcome any feedback and respect the privacy of our clients.

Terms of Service

We believe our clients deserve the best. We are a zero tolerance company, which means we never compromise quality, safety or communication, as it’s not just your brand that will suffer, it’s our company’s reputation on the line. We expect the same from our customers. Quality work and genuine care is demonstrated to you and/or your organization from the first touch to completion of projects through:

  • Understanding you, your business or organization
  • Research related to your industry
  • Internal communications with our team members
  • External communication with clients and vendors
  • Management of marketing platforms and technologies to maintain control of client projects and vendor relations
  • Professionalism in communication, management and delivery of services
  • Acquiring, managing and storing creative and company assets
  • Fulfillment of projects in a timely manner, within budget, to the best of our abilities
  • Competitive pricing based on the value of services performed. We are not the most expensive and we are not a low-cost leader. The services we provide will deliver long-lasting value.
  • Utilize multiple sets of eyes for quality control
  • We only hire experts to perform the required duties of every service and have professional administrative support for best quality control. While we are not perfect, and our clients are responsible to review and approve work, we do our best. Also, if you are requiring a rush project, we ask for you to have a second set of eyes to review the work too.
  • Making ourselves available when it works for your schedule. While this is not always possible, we do adjust our schedules and accept after-hour calls when there is a true client emergency. Your care and appreciation for our work is the impetus of our flexibility. If normal operating hours are not possible for you, we will have to discuss and agree upon terms well in advance of any work.
  • While we love to help our clients who need work in a hurry, operating without planning is not our standard mode of operation. If every project is rushed, and this is the service you need, a rush fee may be added to your project.


Billing and payments


Thank you for the opportunity to submit an estimate for service(s) where we guarantee our best pricing, quality and value. All prices quoted are good for 30 days, and are subject to change based on adjusting prices for commodities on all signage, printing and apparel projects.


We require a deposit of 50% to 75% before the start of your project, as we pay our team weekly. Also, most printers require deposits and full payment when we submit artwork, which means we are paying in advance for products purchased on your behalf.

If however, you develop a solid payment history with Marketing EQ and become a recurrent or monthly customer, we may waive upfront payments, and require payment at the time of product or project fulfillment.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to earn your business. We look forward to making your life easier with one stop shopping, precision work that is very quick turn, and the reliability and expertise you deserve from creative and marketing people.


We offer several ways to make payment, both for your convenience and with low or no fee options for you and Marketing EQ.

Checks may be mailed or dropped off to:

Marketing EQ,
1314 Kauffman Ave., Suite 200,
Vancouver WA 98660.

If you prefer electronic transfer, you may pay through ACH upon receiving an electronic invoice.

If your bank uses Zelle, a fee-free option, transferring from bank to bank. We also accept Cash and you will receive a receipt upon payment.

If you prefer credit card, please call and we will set up your account in our US Bank Merchant Services. We ask that you add 3% fee to the invoice using “Gratuity” which is on the electronic invoice.

Credit Card Processing

Marketing EQ LLC is PCI Compliant. If you will be processing a credit card with us, your credit card information is safe. Each company representative who handles transactions is required to sign our 46 page PCI required plan for security, privacy and handling of credit cards. This document also outlines the details of how we would handle a breach. Our hosting is most secure, we handle all sensitive information with the highest care and caution, including passwords.