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Curious about how we evaluate campaign success? Share with us some details about a current or past campaign and we’ll see if there’s any room for improvement. And, we’ll tell you why.  The metrics to measure campaign success are many, but with the right details, you’ll be better prepared for your next campaign! 

We’ll also share our top recommendations to improve performance.

Here’s a few things you need to know: 

  • Our team will review the results, discuss areas of improvement, and identify barriers to success.
  • The more information you provide, the better! If you don’t have the performance details from a provider, ask for them! 
  • Rest assured, we’ll never share this information, it’s only for comparative analysis
  • Results take about two weeks depending on our workload. If it’s urgent, just say so, and we’ll see what we can do. 
  • Our goal is to help you improve your performance. 
  • The amount of time we invest in your analysis is valued at about $300.
  • Thank you for the opportunity to build into your success. If you value the feedback and want to know what’s next, we can help with that too.

Advertising Analysis

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