Is your ad campaign producing the right results for the investment? Get our FREE advertising analysis and find out.
A $450 value.

We offer a FREE initial analysis of one current or past advertising campaign. This process is intended for those who need to reduce the doubt about performance and also suspect their investment should produce better results. The metrics to measure campaign success are many. We have simplified the process and will reveal the top recommendations to improve performance:

  • A small team of media professionals will review the results together and discuss areas of improvement, and identify barriers to success.
  • The more information you provide, the more accurate the results.
  • The information you provide to us is only for the purpose of comparative analysis. All information is private and secure and will only be shared with our team of experts, or with research vendors who can run comparative reports..
  • We will be in touch after we receive your information. Expect a brief follow-up call and introduction so we can make an initial connection with you as we may have additional questions.
  • A report of our findings will be forthcoming in 7-10 business days through email, once we receive all of the information needed. If the results to your analysis conclude your campaign is performing well, and we don’t see room for improvement, we will report on this too! We take this process seriously, and need your valuable input for accuracy.
  • Our goal is to help you see with our eyes; we are transparent in our planning and discovery. The more you understand, the better the advertising decisions you can make. We believe us customer education so you can effectively compete in your respective markets. Consider this our give back.
  • If this process requires one-on-one consultation, at your request, a quote for services will be provided at the time of the service request.
  • The amount of time we invest in your analysis is valued at $450, based on three to four professionals who are each providing their own professional review. Some conditions apply. Contact us directly for additional details.

Thank you for the opportunity to build into your success!