Case Study: Vantage Point HR 

Human Resources Consultancy & Management

Strengthening an emerging brand

Vantage Point HR, Formerly Vantage Point Business Solutions, came to MEQ as a new human resources consultancy. The services were many, so the first goal was to prioritize the services based on customer needs. From there we could establish priority audiences for marketing and advertising communication. As a consummate professional, the owner of VPHR also expressed dissatisfaction with his logo and branding as it didn’t possess the strength that well-implemented HR deserves.

As the market evolved, so did this client, who became laser-focused on HR services and less on business solutions. So we developed a new brand look for Vantage Point HR and applied this new look to his marketing and web. 

New business support to establish a communication foundation

MEQ worked with VPBS to create a new brand look which included website re-development and design. But, since all projects begin with content, we worked with Vantage Point to develop content based on human resources gaps usually found in small businesses. This process helped in formulating packages that were needed for a good website user experience. Through our content process, we also assisted the company in establishing sales assertions the owner could use for group presentations, outbound sales, and direct mail.  

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that work best

One of VPHR’s most successful marketing tools is a professionally designed greeting card that offers a personal touch to customer engagement. 

VPHR continues to be a beacon of light for those who are lost in all things HR, and we treasure our ongoing relationship. 

I spent a lot of time networking when I started my business thinking I could generate a lot of leads. If I had to do it all over again, the first place I’d go is Marketing EQ.  As I look back on 2018, I’ve found myself reflecting on all that you’ve done for me and Vantage Point. Your early confidence, ideas and support were key to keeping me going. As I gain more clarity about myself and the company, the tools you built continue to be reliable, useful and flexible; even this simple Greeting Card has been one of my best marketing tools. Thanks for all you do! – Tom Engel, Owner, VPHR

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