Women in recent history – Questionnaire

It’s time to tell your story and share a professional accomplishment

Marketing EQ is a female-owned-and-operated business since 2010. As a female entrepreneur, it’s my hope, through story-telling and the passing-down of wisdom and shared experience, we can inspire future generations of women to pursue their passion work.

This questionnaire is focused on Women in recent history who are the trailblazers and champions for today, like you!

Supporting Women in Business

If we don’t support each other now, then when? Our younger counterparts need to see many well-lit paths available to them. And, perhaps they will say “I could see myself here.”

The Goal

The goal is to feature one of your top accomplishments and include the heroic efforts that led to the result. This includes the decisions you made at important crossroads, the dangers you averted, and the small choices that made the biggest difference.

I believe greatness is achieved through the culmination of knowledge, experience, fortitude, failure, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. As you share your heart and answer the questions in this inquiry, perhaps you will remember to share the small and defining moments too – the breadcrumbs on the path. – Julie Gorham

A bit of context for consideration

When we share stories, we like to include the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, not just the ‘what’. The questions in the questionnaire are intended to define various aspects of your success, and character.

Feel free to write your answers in your preferred voice and style. Or, if time is a constraint, rough thoughts are fine and we can provide any edits for the final copy if desired. The results will be set up as social posts, with copy that can be shared with media, associates, family, and friends.

Thank you for your participation. We will be in touch with any questions, and share with your the results before moving into the design phase. 

This is your time to shine!  “Step right up and don’t be shy! Nobody likes a shy leatherhead” – Jim Carrey, Movie, The Mask

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